Sunday, January 3, 2010

Work'n on Sunday

See, I tole ya I'll be back. Ok, so it weren't yesterday. Got all involved with my project and done forgot everything, includ'n to eat lunch. Boy howdy were I hungry when it come supper time.

Here the new solar oven bout 80% finished. Look the same as the old one ya say??? Well yeah!!!When ya design something that work perfect, ya stick with the same design. If'n ya look real close, ya gonna notice that the oven has a winter position and a summer position. That 'cause the sun ain't always the same angle in the sky, buy ya already knew that....right? Can't wait to fire this baby up and cook me a loaf of "basketball" bread. Gonna bake in the food safe BBQ paint today.

Now, bout the water situation. Come find out, it weren't contaminated....well it could be from the factory. Lot a people says the the city water in Niland sucks and makes them sick. So's....I loaded up 14 gallon reverse osmosis water, but it sucks too. Then I got to think'n, my doctor tolds me that some my meds are gonna change my taste buds....and boy howdy have they ever changed. Was eat'n an orange and it tasted like an apple. Pork chop tasted like chicken. That ain't right!!!

After I get my other eye open I got to make another couple runs to town and get more water for my water tank....what I bleached and drained yesterday. Then it's off to work on the solar oven again. In the mean time....make some breakfast, sit on "da porch" sip'n a cup and do'n some think'n. Then I got a freak'n mess ya wouldn't believe to clean up. Tools and junk everywhere.

Ok....here the deal, old Billy Bob done went off to town, filled the gas tank in "that jeep", got me 14 gallon water....what I put in the tank. Then I work my fingers raw on the solar oven. Up to 315 degs with still one reflector to install. How bout that???

Now I gonna sit back with a big ol' somekind a sandwich and play me some golf. Too much work with no play causes sore muscles and migraine headaches and old Billy Bob don't do the headache thing.


  1. How many holes of golf did you play?

  2. Glad you making headway on your solar oven and your water. BTW, about your golf, I bought and loaded Tigers PGA Tour 06. Haven't tried it online , yet. Will your version play online games?

  3. Ben, apparently you bought Tiger for your pc...that what it sounds like anyhows. I have a "play station" in "da house" for when I visit the grandkids, but got bored and broke it out last month.

  4. BB, about your water problems, when I was in Montana, I got voluntered into being a scout master, I loved it after about 30 minutes. We went back packing all over western Montana all year, at least once every month. We used Katadyn back packing filters and when we just car camped we used their bigger ones. The scouts read some of the propaganda that katadyn supplied and decided to test the accuracy. On one of our fifty mile hikes, "They" went one week using nothing but the dirtiest water they could find, including green cow pond water and nobody got even a little sick. Point is maybe you should look into getting a good water filter, they may be a little pricey but it's really a small price to pay for clean water and never having to worry about it anywhere you go.
    Check them out:
    If you want good tasting water be sure to get the carbon filter also, other wise some of that stuff tasted really bad.