Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cook'n in da sun

What can I say bout yesterday? Well first, I just want to know what happen to my bread what didn't rise like it supposed to. Did everything like what the recipe says, but all I got out the deal was a little chunk of what look like that bread we use to buy in Italy back in the 60's. But let me tell ya bout a good soup sop'n bread....Boy Howdy!!!

Speak'n of soup....made me up a small pot of chicken noodle tater vegetable tomato soup what turned out to be enough to feed 10 people. Put me up two bags in the freezer for "down the road".

Just sit'n round on "da porch" this morn'n think'n....all this sunshine and ya ain't cook'n nuttin. Well shoot, how bout a batch of biscuits? They in the oven get'n all purty. Last ones I made was like little round bricks for build'n round houses. These are gonna be better....I can tell.

Had a feller send me a link to a solar over builder guy. Ya gotta go take a gander at this contraption. 500#'s of romp'n stomp'n 450 deg solar oven. http://www.williamgbecker.com/MakeSolarOven.html

Guess I'll take a quick run to town in a bit for more water and pick me up a can of polyurethane to finish Tennessee Ken's cocktail table. Then all projects are done. Well, almost done...gotta finish the paint job on the solar over. Then a couple days to clean up my mess....Boy Howdy do Billy Bob know how to make a mess.


  1. Dang BB,your not going to build you one of those big ovens are you? That guy must have to haul that around in a trailer.

    I know your just sitting back in the shade sipping a cup of coffee there at the Slabs. I was planning on stoppng by on my way to Quartzsite around the 16th, but looks like your going to be in Yuma fishing. Take care

  2. Oh come on BB, you've been complaining about nothing to do at times, this will keep you busy for a while. I wanna see how you modify it to fold up for packing and don't forget the wheels, big wheels.

    Just imagine the look on JW's face when you challenge him to a bread cooking contest and then pull this thing out. You could even almost open up your own solar bakery.

    It would probably fry a mess of fish in about five minutes.

  3. You need to paint racing flames on the sides of it and come up with a name for it, like the "Billy Bob 2020 solar oven".