Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain'n dog and cat puppies

Well shoot, here I were sit'n here think'n I was in some kind of paradise while the rest of the country was look'n for a place to get warm and a place to get dry. Then I look at the news and...my god....it's rain'n an it ain't never gonna stop. This "paradise" made the National news. How bout that???

Speak'n of rain....what I don't like to do, I'm a think'n I may be stuck here for a while. That would be 'cause there only one way in and one way out. And "that" road were filled with mud and muck from the rain two day ago....I can imagine what it look like now. Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob??? I could be in a worster place ya know. Like at "da pond" in Yuma. From the radar thingy, they got busted. And that mean old Billy Bob made a good decision to stay right here.

Speak'n of rain....boy howdy, it rain'n in "da house". Where all these leaks come from??? I got a window open ya know and the floor is sop'n wet what I happen to step on in my sock feet this morn'n. Now my feet are cold. Then I sit down on the couch and my god, it drenched. Now I got wet cold feet and a wet cold butt. Gonna take days for that thing to dry out.

Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob??? "Stay inside...that what I gonna do". I guess I could finish the dishes I started two days ago. Then maybe break out the vacuum cleaner. Hell I don't know. Sound like work to me, and ya know what I think of work.

2:30 pm.....holy geebies, did I mention rain. For the last two hours it has rained cows and buffalo....wind blow'n 400 mph hour and no end in sight. Although...we did have some sunshine a while ago....for 5 minutes. I can't believe this. I been through hurricanes in south Texas, but "this" ain't south Texas. What the hell did I dothis time???

Oh....and on top all that, I lost all my pics I took here at the slabs. Left them all on that little card giggy and when I went to take a pic, it said the card could not be read...had to format it. Now that piss me plumb off. Here's the deal, the card was in my PC...work just fine 2 day ago...now tell me what happen.


  1. A drop of soap in the dish and sit it out side for the rain to wash it. You might have to go find it after the wind blows it aound the slabs. So maybe thats not a good idea.

    As for your other problem, Plastic Pants and flippers?

  2. About your plans to vacuum the house. Sounds to me like you need a wet/dry vac. I 'm sure you got one stored out in the storage area of the bus don't you? And maybe now would be a good time to wash off the dogs? soap em all up, then just run them outside :-)
    Well, it sounds like a plan to me anyway.

  3. I hear there's rain in out forecast. If so I'll see how rain proof the Iron Dungeon is. Don't know which is worse Rain or sand storms? I didn't turn my bed up and slept in sand last night and the night before. Maybe I need to hang everything out so if it rains it will either wash them out or turn them muddy.

  4. BB, you gotta back that stuff up. It don't take much to mess up a SD memory card, or USB flash. Or any other storge media. One little pass of a strong magnet or a power bump, spike or moisture and poof, its gone. You should regularly store data (photos) or anything else you wanna keep in two different and separate locations. Really important stuff should be geographically separtated. Maybe on an external USB hard-drive that you plug in and just to write to and save, then diconect. And for pics maybe you can use one of them web based FOTO shares, there is a ton of them and they are free. You can also burn them to CD or DVD or a large thumb drive from time to time and put them in a safe, dry place. Its really no big deal, til you lose your stuff. Good luck! We're all counting on you out here!