Monday, November 22, 2010

Changed campsites...

Boy howdy, did that old lady give me them "dagger" looks or what?

Ya see, it were like this. I picked out a campsite on the spur of the moment yesterday before taking the time to look around. It was close to two other campsites....tooo close. When I crank up my generator this morning, the that old lady, not more than 50 feets from me opened her door and give me a "go to hell" look. Like "what the hell you do'n run'n a generator this time a morn'n for"? My God, I were only mak'n a pot of coffee....sheesh!!!

After I been up a while, I took a walk. Just across the road was this really nice look'n campsite. Yup, it all mine now. Ain't got no neighbors close by and no one look'n in my winders to see what I do'n.

Now all I got to do is make it look like a "hi class" redneck homestead. Gotta go find me some junk for the yard.

Well shoot. I done went and moved and now my Verizon connection sucks. What the hell??? Got an antenna on it but don't think it's do'n what it were designed to do. Oh well, I got plenty time to mess with it later.

Ok now we talk'n business. I got to look'n at that antenna thingy and it has the wrong adapter to fit the air card. My God, don't nobody "no nuttin" when they sell stuff to old Billy Bob. I thought about duct tap'n it to a pole, but that would be tacky.
Boy howdy, I been busy this afternoon. I gots me a yard and some my stuff set out. Look'n good Billy Bob.
 Now what ya think bout that????


  1. The bad connection may be why that site was open and there were 2 close together at the other place. Maybe? Did you take the cow head with you? That should make a nice statement in the new front yard if you did.

  2. I'm telling ya BB,, you gonna have to duct tape that wifi antenna to a cane pole and wire it to the awning with good ole bailing wire! :-0

  3. Shadow, at the slabs all the sites are anywhere you want to park. It's nothing like anything ya ever see. Go head and google "the slabs and you'll see what I'm talk'n.
    Yes the cow head is lay'n up against the front tire. And I brung Fred "da duck" and that damned black cat.

    Ben....oh hell, just forget it. What wifi antenna....I don't have no stink'n wifi antenna. But I do have an air card antenna. And I ain't put'n it on no pole....cord too short.

  4. Look'n good, BB. Sure wish I was your neighbor. Maybe someday. How long you gonna stay there?

  5. Here's what I was think'n Dizzy....stay at the slabs till they stock the pond in Yuma. Then go catch me a freezer full and take them back to the slabs...eat'em up real good. Then wait till they stock the pond again and go fill my freezer up again. What ya think???

  6. Hey, Billy Bob....the one that gave you the dirty look for running the generator, is probably the same gal that gave us the looks last year. She never talked to me after we ran our generator and she took her van and moved away. Maybe you'll be as lucky as we were. I have no use for nasty people.
    I like your new spot. Lots of room and as far as the card, I am sure you'll figure something out.

  7. Hey BillyBob, BL here. I don't think I have a google account or it's not workin' so I'm posting anonymous, but I'm not, ok?
    Is that a new Fred, I see??? I'm going to have to bring over some more duck puppies this year again! Need to re-stock his family! Ain't gonna make it for Thanksgivin'. Gotta work on my day off which ends up wreckin' the week. So, plannin' to be there for Christmas again. Save me a place if ya can. I don't want no old ladies givin' me the evil eye when I pull in.... Sheesh! Talk about a welcome, eh?!

  8. Well how early was it when you started that generator? I know you get up pretty early had I been in her shoes I might of done the same thing.

    At the chili cook-off some person from across the ravine (Krazy Flatz) started their darn generator at 5:30 am !!! It was Tuesday morning so it was not full yet and a lot of us got awaken early. Whomever it was let the darn thing run for two whole hours :-(

  9. Ive been followin you on the slab blog. first of all , you got all the ladies in a bunch. and even shawn looks like he has a sense of humor.

    where are u located? a little kid with rocks wants to know.

  10. Looks real good...homey. Now what's this about a 'real cat' versus 'not'?

    BB, what kind of "things" do you make? Do us a post about your makin' things talents.