Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Surround sound

Holy crap Billy Bob, now look what ya went an done.

Ya see, it's like this....I used to have this system in "Sally da house" what would blow to door wide open even when it were locked. But then one day, I smell smoke...smoke detector done went off. It were my sub woofer/amplifier what was on fire. I took that sucker an throwed it out the door. For the last two years I been us'n one them cheap Walmart specials what sounds like "junk" at it's best.

Since today is an inside day....windy and cold outside on "da porch", I decided to crank up some tunes. What the hell....that sounds terrible. Been think'n "wonder if I can use a couple my old "killer" speakers on this cheap Walmart special system. Took me out a skin'n knife and commenced to cut me some speaker wires. Yep, sure as hell can.....maybe. Ya see, my old system was like 300 watts and this cheap Walmart special is only bout 45 watts. Am I gonna have another fire??? Hot damn, this sounds good!!!

Been feeling exceptionally well today......for a change. Ya see, it's like this, I don't know from one day to the next if I'm gonna still be alive when I wake up in the morning. Arrangements are being made to locate another cardiologist. The one I have sucks......I don't like his ass. When he told me I may never make it back to Deming from my Georgia trip, that give me the first hint he don't "no nuttin". And sides that, I think he is screw'n Medicare and my insurance company.......charges for stuff what never happen. Example: I went in for a office call to get all my prescriptions updated. Well, it costed $700....$170 for consultation (?) and $500 something for what ever. Expensive drugs HUH?

But anyhows, today was wonderful. "Sally da house" is look'n like a house again. Have ya ever go in your grandpa's bedroom an look around. Junk everywhere. Us old folks ain't got time to put stuff where it sposed to be. And all them empty spots on the dresser and stuff needs to be filled with something. And if there ain't no empty spots left, there's always the floor or just pile it up on another pile.

Member that chicken I cook in the solar oven the other day? Well it's in the pot becom'n chicken veggie noodle tater soup (no maters Ben). But....how the hell can ya over cook a chicken in a solar oven? This is the second time I done that. Won't happen again.....damn meat fall right off the bone.

Oh, did I mention that big ol' apple pie sure do taste good. I'm get'n where I like this solar oven cook'n. Everybody should have one in their back yard.  Now....I been wonder'n. What would happen if'n I put a couple three eggs in there for a while. Would they explode like they do in a microwave? Would they taste different from what they would if'n ya boiled them? What ya think?

Boy howdy.....only make it to 60 degs today and tonight gonna be COLD.......like bout 25 deg out here where "da house" lives. Don't let me forger to drip a faucet so's I don't have to use "doggie" water for coffee in the morning.


  1. Good speakers always make any system sound better.

  2. Hey Nick, Freddy K is looking for you.

  3. Fill the doggie water container NOW . so's you have some in the morning!! :-)