Friday, November 12, 2010

Things ya do

Read'n a book, listen to tunes, load'n up for a trip, fix'n stuff, play'n golf......ya know what I mean???

Have ya ever read a book what made ya think you was right there? I read "cowboy" and "westerns". Just finished one and boy howdy, them outlaws was shoot'n right at me too. Fell plumb off'n my horse chas'n some crazy Chinese cook. Got a bloody nose in a saloon. Felt the pain of a lost friend kilt by a renegade Indian. Yep, books sure do make ya think.

Spent most of the morning clean'n up "da porch". Tools are all back in their place. Bout a hunert pound of stuff is in the dumpster (no dumpster diving please).

Been bout three years since I fired up my tunes on my other computer. Boy howdy!!! I got tunes that go back to when I were a teenager. That make ya think too ya know. One tune played and I quickly remembered an old girlfriend. I were 19 at the time. Was driv'n my old '49 Merc down the street and I see this little "pretty". You know how it is when them girls see a pure white 1949 Mercury driven by a handsome guy with long black hair combed back in a "DA"....that's a duck tail. It were love at first sight. She died a few years ago, but that love for her never died. When I hear that tune, she's still in my heart. Just say'n.

It were freezn cold again this morning, but by 9:30 it were warm enough (57degs) for a little porch time. By 11:30, I had all my tools and stuff stowed away in their proper places......well, some of them. Still lots to do if I'm gonna get out of here before the first snow. The weather thingy says 21 degs come Monday morning. I ain't gonna like that one bit. Hope to get out of here by next Friday.

Well it looks like the cow head ain't gonna work. It went plumb off again last night before I wet to bed. Ya see, I added one more them LED light bub thingys but the solar cell ain't big enough to charge the battery to handle 3 bubs. Back to two bubs.


  1. Hope you beat the snow. I just saw on the TV news that it snowed quite a bit up in the Texas panhandle. Like 3 or 5 inches or so, it looked like.

    Cow looked good with two bulbs.

  2. I just checked your weather forecast. BRRRRR it is not 70 degrees and sunshine.

  3. Like Tim the tool man used to say,,