Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tooth fix'n day

Well it's not really a tooth fix'n day, they gonna take one them high dollar Home Depot pressure wash thingys and clean my teeth. I had that done not long ago and found some miss'n marbles I were look'n for, nut an bolts and all kind of other stuff I were look'n for.

Holy crap....let me tell ya. It were some kind of cold last night. The weather thingy said 25 degs at bout 7:30. Now let me tell ya bout the weather here in Deming. If it's 25 degs downtown at the little "redneck" airport, it gonna be 20 degs here at "da house. But.....last night was just a taste of what's to come. Thursday is gonna be cold....probably in the teens....not downtown mind ya, but at "da house". I would say thursday will NOT be a day for sit'n on "da porch" sip'n a cup and think'n. But it is a golf ball swak'n day.

Break out the long johns, a heavy winter coat, some gloves and swak that ball a mile or two. Did I ever tell ya bout the time.....I decided to stay in Deming for the winter.....and froze to death. We played golf ball swak'n every Wednesday with the "old timers". Some of them in their 80's....bless their souls. I was just a "pup" of 65 at that time, so I was considered a "long ball hitter". Right over that tree and 50 yards from the green (that tree has growed a bunch in the last 4 years). Anyhows, we played in 25 degs, everybody wrap up in heavy gear. Snow all over the place. Ain't gonna do that no more. In fact, I may just move "Sally da house" to south Texas where it only snows once every hunert year. I used to live there ya know.

I was fish'n in the harbor for spotted sea trout....done had me a couple nice ones when I get this bite what almost make me spill my beer. It were a nice one, fight'n an tugg'n on my line. Just bout the time I was gonna yank him out the water, here come a GREAT BIG spotted sea trout what gobble up that other fish I were reel'n in. Now what the hell ya gonna do Billy Bob? "The net, somebody get a net." That night we grill up one great big ol' spotted sea trout on the half shell. Boy howdy!!!

Ok....I only got an hour before the dentist. Got some stuff to do. Since they gonna clean my teeth when I get there, should I brush before I go?

Well shoot, twern't nuttin to it. Done sit my butt in the wait'n room for an hour...... I were bout to pee my pants. Then here come the nice lady what says...."William"??? That me ya know. Took some more x-rays and we was in business. Holy crap....says the doctor....lookie here. Whole bunch of stuff got to be done. How the hell I got a broke tooth I'll never know. Nobody hit me in the mouth, ain't chewed no rocks....what the hell?
Anyhows, old Billy Bob got brand spank'n new look'n teeths. What's left of them.

Here come UPS with pesky neighbor Waynes heater. LOL....first thing he do is drop it.....two times. Then he call the gas man....he gonna be warm tonight.

Oh yeah, while I think of it, battery weren't dead in "that jeep" when I went to town. Who would ever thought that a light burn'n for months would make a battery go dead? The bad thing though was that I replaced the battery over in Ga. instead of find'n that light what was on. Grrrrrrr....I hate spending money when it's not necessary.


  1. Dang Billy-Bob, your teeth are going to shime brighter then that ole cow head's eyes. Carefull smiling while driving home, you might blind a driver in an oncoming car. . .

  2. You know BB,that when they get thru cleaning all of that left over chili from your teeth they are going to look like a picket fence. you will whistle when you talk.

  3. Man,you had a good day, teeth all fixed up, "That Jeep" up and purring,and Wayne is warm. Day going so good, you gonna buy you a lottery ticket to night?