Sunday, November 28, 2010

Computer nightmares

Don't even ask.

Hot damn....what a beautiful morning. Is it summer again already? I think the storm has passed....at least I'm hoping it has. Guess I'll be outside sit'n on "da porch" sip'n a cup and think'n after while. You know what I'm gonna be think'n bout ....right? Yep, these damn computers.

Ya see, it's like this...yesterday I hook up that old laptop. Soon as I install the Verizon and Yahoo Messenger set up programs, all hell broke loose. First thing happen, I got a "blue screen of death". Everyone know what that is. That mean something is terribly wrong. So I says, hell I'll fix that. Did a system restore what didn't fix nuttin.  Back on the HP now.

Ok, who the hell stole my Texas flag? What a crock. Here I have my flags fly'n in the breeze and I get up the next morning and my Texas flag is gone....pooooof, just like that. Either California don't like Texas or there's another Texan camped at the slabs.

Today is the day we go up to the American Legion for breakfast. Had I got up in time, I could have gone also. But no, old Billy Bob was dream'n under all them blankets while everyone else was get'n ready to go. Maybe I'll just fry me up a slab of balony and some eggs. Sounds good to me.


  1. Maybe your flag just blew away. Send Sadie to fetch it back.

    BTW, I was talking about coumputer problems today, too. Maybe we need to go back to the old abacus and snail mail. Nah, I guess not.

  2. All this talk about computer issues... Guess I'll pull an image of this computer before it fails on me. Didn't get one in time of my Asus netbook before it crashed. A backup in time saves nine hours of whimpering.

  3. I think I'm gonna start blaming all these computer problems folks is having on China and Korea.. Got to blame it on somebody.

  4. Dizzy....blew away???? I took my 5 minutes to put that flag in there....it didn't just blow away.

    Shadow...if'n I knowed how to back something up, I probably wouldn't be hav'n so many problems.

    Yes Nick....me too.

    Come on Ben, you know how much you gonna pay for a computer if it was made in the US???? Something like $13,000....give or take. And the damn thing ain't gonna work.

  5. That sucks that someone would take your Texas flag...hope they were only playing a joke on you and you get it back soon...grrrr (like Uncle Ben would say).

    Can't offer any help on your computer problems. Bought one of those little back up thingies (can't think what they are called) but I have no idea how to copy my files and pictures on to it (sad face, guess I am a dummie) sigh...