Thursday, November 4, 2010

Swak'n golf balls

Now I gotta go swak a golf ball.......

It's ain't like I never swak'ed a golf ball before 'cause I know what I'm do'n. Ya see, many many years ago I was a golf ball swak'n feller....with a baseball bat. Could hit 'em a hunert mile. Then I bought an old set of golf ball swak'n clubs at the hock shop. Throwed them in the truck and I was a golfer. Went off to the golf course and every ball I hit, I figgered...."that was the wrong club".

Many many years later, I took up golf ball swak'n for the second time in my life. I already knowed how to hit the ball. All I had to do was learn how to hit it in the fareway. That's that fresh mowed strip of grass right straight out in front ya.

Ok....that's enough golf train'n for one day. Old Billy Bob go'n to the course and see what I learnt in all these years. No need for comments here.

Boy howdy, I gonna have to start sleep'n during the day and forget sleep'n at night. More on this later......pesky neighbor Wayne showed up with a golf club in hand. Time to go!!!


  1. Why don't you just git you a part time job at the Golf ball whacking field, then you could play when ever you wanted AND you could mow down all that grass that you keep loosing stuff in!!!

  2. There you go BB, Ben has a great idea.