Saturday, November 20, 2010

YUP!!! On the road again

Boy howdy, got up this morning and my water hose weren't froze. In fact, it was over 30 degs and "da house" was warm. Mostly cause I left both heaters on last night....now I gotta pay extra for electric. Dear God I waste a lot of money.

While coffee was brew'n, I poooshed them buttons to bring the slides in. Both worked so we ahead of the game.
Then while I was readn't the news and talk'n to old Uncle Ben, I checked the weather forecast go'n west. My God, what the hell....winds from the west at bout 15 to 18 mph. That's really gonna help my gas mileage...huh? By 8:30 I was ready to roll....disconnect the electric and sewer and hook up "that jeep" to the back end "da house". GRRRRRRRR....damned jeep has a dead battery. Thought I fixed that last week. Apparently not. Charge it up just enough to start and hooked up. We on a roll now. Said my good byes to Wayne and a couple neighbors and headed to I-10 go'n west.

Bout 40 mile down the road....here come the wind. For the next 230 miles. After fueling up I figger I got right at 8mpg....what sucks. Since there's still bout 4 hours sunlight in Arizona, I may go on for another hunert mile or so. I ain't tired after 6 hours behind the wheel fight'n to keep this big sucker on the road and in my own lane. But, I have a great camp'n spot at the truck stop where Sadie Mae can go out and pee and poop if'n she wants to. This is the same spot I camped last year when Lug Nut broke loose and was everywhere. Took me an hour to find the little bastard. He was over help'n a mechanic work on a truck.

Nothing exciting happed on the trip so far, unless ya want to consider Billy Bob get'n pissed off at gas stations. Ya see, it's like this. The first station I pull into had the slowest pump ya ever see. Ten minutes to pump 4.7 gallons. Now where the hell am I gonna go on 4 gallon of gas? Went on down the road to another, and crap, no card readers. And ya know old Billy Bob ain't about to walk all the way inside just to give them a hunert dollar bill....nope ain't gonna do it. The next station....across the street where I always get gas was no problem at all.....so why the hell did ya go to the other one in the first place.

Shot through Tucson just like it weren't there. Never slow down for nuttin. When I went by the ostrich farm I were cran'n 62 mile a hour. Too late to stop now.  Hell, I never stop nohows, so what the deal?
Have ya ever notice when ya by yourself, ya never stop to look at stuff....unless it's macho man stuff. You know, like wild buffalo or a gun shop.

I have no freak'n idea what time it is. Back in Deming it's 3:25, but what time is it in Arizona.....no daylight savings time ya know. And what freak'n time does it get dark? I just stare up at the sun to see where it were....now I can't see. But it looks like a couple hours left before it gets "scary" dark. Billy Bob don't drive at night. Almost smashed into a deed do'n that one time. Scared hell plumb out me.

Ok, I think that's bout it. Gonna lay down on the couch, open a good book and go to sleep.


  1. Yea, thanks for the update, Appreciate it. Glad you made it that far. Look at the clock on your PC, change to the right time zone and you'll know what time it is . :-)

  2. Daylight Savings time is over for the year... Just sayin'.

    Travel Safe.

  3. Will you get to the slabs tomorrow? Have a safe trip.

  4. Glad to see you out of the cold. As much as I enjoyed Deming and you and pesky wayne, I would not want to be there or anywhere that the temp usually gets below 40. See you next spring somewhere.

  5. Glad to know that you made it a couple hundred miles with no problems.

    Sweet dreams :-)

  6. Looking forward to Billy Bob's Adventures, maybe you can find another duck this year! Sounds like you are making great time, nice to be able to just pull into a truck stop, flop down on the couch and read isn't it?