Tuesday, October 23, 2012

277n bordom

Ain't got nuttin to say what would interest anybody this morn'n. That is unless you might be interested in boredom.

Ya see, old Billy Bob can be quite boring from time to time. 'Specially when he don't do nutting. But I got to think'n bout that. I don't have to do nuttin. I'm retired an' I gonna do as I damn well please....even if'n it's sit'n back sip'n up a cup an' do'n some think'n. I enjoy my life. I enjoy be'n free. I especially like "do'n nuttin" whenever the mood strikes me. As of late, that mood strikes me a lot.

Yesterday afternoon I throwed my old dawg Sadie Mae in "that jeep" an' we headed off down the road a piece to go catches us up some fish. I chunk that lure out there bout a hunnert times an' ain't got a bite yet. What the hell?, I see fish jump'n all over the place....bout 2 of 'em. The OFM Barney ain't did no better. But, I'm figger'n we left too early for the big'uns to come in to eat.

Went down town to the internet sell'n places yesterday, Sprint, an' AT&T. Gonne get me a brand spank'n new air card. Or so I was think'n. Nice lady at Sprint made me a pretty good deal, but couldn't answer all my questions of coverage areas. Almost same thing happen when I go to AT&T. I'm think'n all they care bout is sell'n me a telephone....what I already got one. So I'm on Barney's computer do'n some researce. He has a Sprint air card and it works super good in Del Rio. But....will it work in the other places I have on my travel agenda???

The other night I throwed a old over ripe bananna out there in the yard think'n some critter would come by an' eat it up. Well, that diodn't happen. But Sadie Mae fount it, sniffed it and then began roll'n in that bananna. Oh my god....look at you Sadie Mae, you got over ripe bananna all over you. Sure were glad she didn't find a old dead critter to roll in.

Poor old Barney is fit to be tied. With his truck in the shop get'n a brand spank'n new alternator, he been walk'n round the campground look'n for something excit'n to do.

Ok.....got thing's to do. Laters.  


  1. I prefer to fish for big bass at night when there is no moon. If'n you catch one, they look bigger.

  2. I think Cricket has the cheapest plan in Del Rio but it does not work worth a darn in South Val Verde county because the tower is too far away. Works great in the city I am told.

    Coverage in Houston is better.