Friday, October 26, 2012

Another day in paradise

"What you talk'n bout Billy Bob, this ain't paradise....it's Del Rio, Texas". Well it could be paradise if'n the wind weren't blow'n an would cool down a few degrees. But as far as that goes, anywheres you feel comfortable, that's paradise. Since me and OFM Barney moved to this campground, I been a whole lot more comfortable. And I can see water from right here from my camp'n site.....way down the hill bout half a mile or so.

Ok, here's the deal. A great blue norther blowed in last night. Got down to a disgusting 59 degrees. Wind blow'n a hunnert mile a hour....or something like that. The redneck blue tarp what was used for a sun shade and wind breaker done blowed down. Got the heat blast'n full bore.....one stove burner. "Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"? Well, I'm gonna sit here an' "do nuttin"....that what I'm gonna do.

Did I mention all the fish I catched up yesterday? I was down there on that fish'n bridge an' I hook me up a goodern. Musta weigh somewheres close to a pound or something like that. Breakfast size. Then in the late afternoon I goes back down there and hook me up a great ol' big 'un. Bout 2 pound worth. They git'n bigger as I go.

Barney done make a decision to head his way back south. I were think'n bout do'n the same thing a couple hours ago, but the old Billy Bob is gonna stick out this storm for a few more days. Still got a couple things I want to do here before head'n south. Storms don't last forever ya know.

Ok, I need tyo get this computer back to it's rightfull owner before he forgets where he left it. Have a safe trip Barney. See ya down the road a piece.


  1. Seems like you ought to stay while you are still catching those big fish.

  2. I heard you took a picture of one of those fish that you caught. Is that true? If so can you post the picture of that fish?

    1. Since I left today, Bb has to go into town to find wifi to use his computer to post. He will likely not be daily.