Sunday, October 21, 2012

Me an' OFM Barney camp'n.

I'll not bore ya this morn'n with all the activity what's been go'n on in my adventurous life. I'll just tell ya like it is....I ain't done nuttin what could be considered excit'n.

The decision to visit Del Rio and Lake Amistad was made long before I arrived here. I like it here and it's on my way to where ever I'm go'n. But.....did I make another bad decision? Well, kind of. Ya already know there ain't no water in the lake. There ain't no easy place to launch the "bubba boat". So I rekon I made a bad decision. But wait a minute. There's other options.
Ya see, I were sit'n out there under my tree, sip'n up a cup ya know, an' do'n a little think'n. Here come old OFM Barney mumbl'n something bout "up the road a piece". Maybe we will just do that....go up the road a piece.

I case you didn't know, Barney sneeked in on me the other day. I hears this big ol' truck grind'n gears, motor rac'n, crash'n through the sage brush an' weeds, and I says to myself...."that sounds like the OFM Barney". It were. He sets up camp right across the road from "Sally da house"....so we neighbors. Barney's a good guy ya know.

Well anyhows, it's boring here at Lake Amistad. Did I mention there ain't no water. That means no fish'n. No "bubba boat". No swimm'n. No nuttin like that. I breaks out the "billy bike" and do some riding around the campground, unlike Barney what rode his bike across the lake. Serves him right if'n he has to stay in bed all day recover'n. We got the entire campground to ourselves....do anything we want.

Sit'n here with the wind blow'n a hunnert mile a hour, I'm bout ready to move on. Just up the road a piece, accord'n to Barney, is a nice little camp'n place on the south Llano river. Then, on the other side of there is Inks Lake, where I stayed a couple weeks last year. Since it's a constant level lake, I'm think'n that's the place to be if'n I want to do some "bubba" boat'n an' fish'n. Might could be a tad cooler too.

Ok, that's bout all I have to say this time. Maybe see ya up the road a piece....who knows?
No internet sucks ya know. 



  1. I am thinking about heading off to Inks Lake. Is there any length limit on RVs? Some state parks limit the length to something shorter than my 38.5 feet. I know of some that have a 35 foot limit.

  2. Where is that So Llano River place?

  3. Sorry your stay in Del Rio has not been enjoyable but it is a bit hot for this time of year and the lake levels are at all time lows.

    You would have to have a regular boat to go further in to fish.

    Have a good time, up the road a piece :D

  4. Hey BB, up here in North East Texas, Lake Fork claims to have some of the best Bass catching water in the state and it is almost full and the weather is really nice this time of the year. Why not come spend a few weeks up here and then go back south when the weather is more to your liking down there ? Up here we don't just fish for bass, we catch the big ones.

  5. Junction is a nice little town. My wife and I stayed there a couple of years ago and paddled the river. Nice and quiet.

    Sorry to hear that you can't go fishin' down south. Inks lake is full, but most of the other lakes in the colorado river chain are down about 50%. It's been really tough the last few years because of the drought. Good luck!