Thursday, October 18, 2012

I are here...yippy ki yah

Wednesday 10-16-12 Del Rio, Texas

Boy howdy, is old Billy Bob got a new problem or what. Ya see, I fired up this laptop this morn'n to do some writ'n for my blog. What the hell???? The keypad ain't work'n like what it suppose to do. So's I hooks up a freak'n mouse.....now it work'n. I betcha a dollar I gonna be look'n for a new laptop here pretty soon....what ya yhink?

No I don't have a internet connection in Del Rio. Sucks sucks sucks. There's a RV park just down the road a piece what I can steal me some WIFI from....an' that what I'm gonna do. Not now, but later when I goes to town.

Anyhows, arrived in Del Rio right bout 3pm yesterday. Pull into San Pedro campground, put the slides out and lay back on the couch. Yee ha, I'm here....but where the water in the lake? It's gone....ain't none to be seen from my camp.

Ok, ya wanna know why there ain't no water? Ya see, when I cross the Rio Grande river back there in New mexico, the river was dry....just a little creek flow'n to the south. There weren't no torrencial rain falls this year, the monsoons, in Colorado or NM, so there ain't no water in Lake Amistad. Not where I'm camped anyhows. 

Out there where there used to be a lake is plumb dry. Grow'n up in weeds an' stuff. But the fish'n for big ol' bass is supposed to be excellent. Go figger on that one.

It were a hard decision this morn'n how long I gonna stay in Del Rio. Stay or go down the road a piece? Well, I decided to try for 5 days....rain or shine. If all fails, I can always move to another campground just up the road a piece.

Thursday 10-17-12 San Pedro campground Del Rio, Texas

Boy howdy were it ever hot or what yesterday. By mid afternoon, it was too hot to stay in "da house" and almost as bad out under the tree. 94 degs it were. Sweat beads was roll'n off'n my head down to my chin whiskers. Only the slightest of a breeze ever once in a while. Damn!!!
When ya ain't got no AC, it gets downright miserable.

Took a trip around to the other campgrounds. Me and one other old fart is all that has the nerve to camp at Lake Amistad National Recrecional Area. When I pulled into the 277 campground, there he was. Same old feller what was here last year with his homemade 5th wheel trailer. He has a boat this year, but no wheres to launch it.

Went on around to the Rough Canyon campground. Both boat ramps are open, but there weren't no boats. Well, there was one pontoon boat at the fish clean'n station. He had just come in with a load of bass....cutt'n their heads off and stuff like that. This campground is the only site I see any chance of wet'n a hook. And it don't look good neither.

Now I ain't say'n I made a terrible mistake by com'n to Del Rio in mid October, but it sure weren't the best decision I ever made. Since I ain't gonna be able to launch the "bubba boat" an' probly ain't gonna do no fish'n, I been rid'n the "billy bike" around the campground. I suppose I should go to town today. Do some shop'n an' stuff like that. 


  1. Don't think any of the lakes have benefited from rain. Not around here either.

  2. Any fishing is better than no fishing.

  3. pull up the anchor and load the rv and come to Chattanooga,tn. you see there is a big ol river here full of water, fish too.

  4. Welcome to hotter than hell Del Rio! Did I miss a post? Why do you not have air conditioning?

    1. MsB San Pedro campground, like all of the NRA sites at Amistad, does not have electric service.

    2. I am aware of the no electric service but I was thinking along the lines of turning on his generator...

  5. Hey hook the billy bike up to a generator and walla you have electricity. Might take some tall gearing but what the heck you could probably get enough ac to power a fan to cool you while you was peddling. Exercise and free electricity, might even run a tv to watch while you was peddling.

  6. For those who want to know, BB is diong just fine here in the campground. No fish caught yet.

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