Monday, October 29, 2012

A few days of posts...

Saturday gloomy weather

Boy howdy, what the hell is a go'n on in Del Rio? Ya see, I were sit'n there on the couch read'n a book bout the old west, outlaws, shoot'n, fist fights, git'n drunk, wimmins scream'n...stuff like that, when all a sudden like, the wind start shak'n "da house". Wind blow'n cold air in through the open winders. It's winter....that what it is. That all happen before the OFM Barney hook up his little trailer and head south, what I done tole you bout.....gone....pooof, just like that. Now the old Billy Bob is sit'n here all by hisself. Ain't got no internet. Ain't got nuttin to do.

Last night while I were sit'n there on the couch I got to think'n bout the time a stranger asked the old farmer..."ya think it's ever gonna stop rain'n"? The old farmer look that stranger right dead in the eye an' says, "it always has". The sunshine is out this morn'n, ain't no wind, temp is climb'n to comfortable (60 degs) and the fish is bit'n.....I betcha. Oops, there went the sunshine behind a big ol' cloud.

Remember I were talk'n bout chang'n my internet service? Well, I'm still think'n bout that. I been us'n a Verizon air card for over two years and the only place it don't work is in Del Rio, Texas. That where I am ya know....catch'n fish an' stuff. Anyhows, I done decided it might be best to just keep Verizon and do the best I can. We'll see.

Just 'cause my name is Billy Bob don't mean I was brung up in the backwoods of Kentucy, or somewheres like that, an' don't know nuttin. I went to skool ya know. Learnt how to read books and stuff. Got me a PHD in spell'n....an' arithmetic. So, the next time ya wanna say the old Billy Bob is wrong an' don't know nuttin, do some research first.
Sunday beautiful weather

Well shoot, here I were think'n I was gonna freeze to death when I see the temp was down to 45 degs overnight. But low and behold, the sun comes out an' it turned into a beautiful day. So beautiful, I decided me an' Sadie Mae would take us a ride in "that jeep". My first thought was to head off to town and do some shop'n at Walmart. What we didn't do.

Ya see, I been think'n bout driv'n over to another campground, Rough Canyon, and check out the fish'n possibilities. A short drive of 14 mile brung us to the waters edge. Well, not ecactly. The water was way down a hill an' below some rock clifts bout 300 yards from where we park "that jeep". "How the hell ya gonna git down there Billy Bob"?
Cross'n a field of brush and brambles (weeds and cactus) we come to a rock cliff over look'n 50 feets of crystal clear water. There a big ol' bass in there I betcha. Being the cautious feller what I am, I took my time find'n the safest route down. There weren't none. Slip'n an' slid'n over big ol' rocks and bolders, the last 20 feet was scoot'n on my ass till I reached my destination. Two big bolders over hanged the waters edge...a straight drop off into bass haven. One jump clean out the water. Holy crap, that were a big 'un.

Choos'n my bestest fish'n lure, I begins to sling it out there where that fish jump. Bout a hunnert times an' no fish. Maybe if'n I throws something to attract his attention....like a spinner bait. Yeah, I'll try that. A couple tosses t'wards that tree stump thingy stick'n out the water....and BA BAAM. I done hook me up a big ol' two dinner bass fish. I tosses him back think'n I got me a big ol' pot of homebrew chili to eat up back at "da house". Have a good day big ol' bass fish.

Chang'n lures, I hook me up another bass fish. Not big like the first one, but he could have made a good breakfast side with some fried taters and 3 or 4 over easies. Toss him back too. He were one happy fish when he found out I weren't gonna murder him and yank his head slap off. I learn't that trick many years ago when I were out in the woods starv'n to death an' didn't have no knife.

The fish done quit chas'n my fish'n lures, so's I pack 'em up. Got me a cliff to climb. I looks at it and says...."how the hell I get down here in the first place"? I eyeballs a escape route an' on hands an' knees make my assent to the top. Over there bout a hunnert yards is where me an' OFM Barney was catch'n up bass fish last year. Can I make it that far? Just barely, I were out of breath....huff'n an' puff'n. I sits down and start get'n scared. I can't get enough air....I'm gonna die right here. That what I was think'n anyhows. I lights up a smoke, still gasp'n for air and fore I knows it, I'm suck'n in air just like I suppoed to. I'm gonna live....yee haa!

Monday cold morn'n

Boy howdy, were it cold or what when I waked up. It were 39 degs out there.....two burner morning. By 10:30 the temp is up to 61 degs.....an' i can hear big ol' bass fish call'n my name...."hey Billy Bob, over here....hurry". Now I have a decision to make. Do I go down the road a half mile to the bridge, over to the same fish'n place I were at yesterday, or do I head off to Walmart for a few eat'em ups I'm out of? Sadie Mae is all excitis 'cause she knows I'm think'n. She knows something is up, an' she is ready to "go". Don't ya just hate decisions like this???

The next decision I got to make is, how long am I gonna stay in Del Rio. My rent is paid up till Wed. afternoon, but I'm hav'n fun. Catch'n me up a few fish. The weather is look'n better. Lots of sunshine an' warm days (upper 60's to lower 70's). What more can I ask for? Life is good.

 A bit later.....

Yup, the old Billy Bob went down there and stand on the bridge for a hour or more. Ain't catched a thing, But I did have a few pretty nice bumps. "Learn to set the hook Billy Bob". It were still too cold for a sissy like me to be stand'n out in the wind and cold, so me an' Sadie Mae loaded up an' went to town. Ever time I do that, I end up spend'n a hunnert dollar at Walmart. End up with "junk food". But junk food is good for ya....grow hairs on yer chest an' stuff like that.   


  1. Nice fish Billy Bob!! You did better Han I did when I was out at Ink's Lake for two nights. I just caught one before the front hit.

  2. Hey Billy Bob i knopw what you are saying about Wal-Mart, i drop a hundred or more ever time i go inside the door at Wal-Mart. I try to stay out of Wal-Mart just go once a Month. I had to give up fishing or shopping at Wal-Mart about ten years ago it was about to break me.

  3. NOW i can believe you can catch a fish. 2? questionable,,,

    1. Never a doubt. BB is the most hardcore fisherman I have ever met.

  4. Either that fish is really, really big or you have small feet.

  5. Happy Howllllllllllllllloweeeeeen!

  6. Every day I check, hoping to find a post from you. Sure hope things are fine, and hope you'll get internet SOON! My day has a hole in it!

  7. Maybe MsB of http://terlinguadreams.blogspot.com/ who lives in Del Rio can check on him when she returns from the Terlingua cookoff.

  8. Hopefully, Mr. BillyBob, you are comfortable in whatever you're doing and of course, taking a break from this thing. I lean towards the sentiments of others, however, in that your daily prose is missed, but that's O.K. Retirement is NOT about alays making others happy. Out.

  9. Has anyone heard from Billy? It has been a long time.

  10. Billy Bob is doing just fine. Went and had me a visit with him this afternoon. He will be making a post either later on tonight or tomorrow.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving Day early..Just read MsBelinda's reply and good to know you are doing fine..Where do you think you might be heading or eatingon turkey day, sending you out good thoughts, wish I could express a turkey feast just to you, I would cook it up right..our only child was in the hurricane storm of hell in NYC God spared her fine..She said it looked like a war zone on staten island but she is in Brooklyn..She loves it there, not for us but my hubbs is from brooklyn and many relatives were there when it hit, now snowing and freezing, oh my goodness how much more crap can nature bestow upon NYC the jersey shore and the east coast..I pray and chant all the time for many to get lights, heat and some hot food, warm clothes away from their bitter winter tha tis upon them..Happy Holidays, stay where it is warm for you and be sure to get some food for your holidays soon. Walmart here has everything at pretty decent prices, this is the pacific northwest and it is snowing in the mountains, skiing is opening for jobs, and manyare happy..oh, well. I have to like moss and rain, been here 34 and 1/2 years, too old to move anywhere and homes are not selling anyhows..take care, God's Blessings..will watch for your blog, bless you and your doggie too!

  12. Hope the fishing is great!