Monday, October 15, 2012

undecided, do I hold 'em or bet 'em...updated

So  what do ya do when you ain't ready? Ya see, yesterday I was outside pick'n up all my stuff and load'n it in "Sally da house" and "that jeep". My God, where all this stuff come from?

As I sit here this morn'n contemplating my departure, the clock continues to tick away the minutes....one at a time. There's a wind blow'n out of the east, the same direction I'm gonna go (weather thingy calls for winds throughout the afternoon). My nerves are a wreck (skak'n like a hoochi chootie girl at a disco). What ever that stuff I ate last night is unsettled in my belly (rumble rumble rumble). I'm sick (Alka Seltzer...take some Alka Seltzer), undecided an' all my mind can think of is, sit'n on "da porch, sip'n up a cup an' do'n nuttin. 

Ok, so does it really matter? Not much, other than "I said". I hate it when I say I gonna do something, make plans and preparations and then turn around an' make excuses to NOT do it. I ain't say'n I won't be pull'n out of here today, but there is that possibility ya know. Betcha a buck I ain't the only one what ever did that.

Ok, got some stuff to do. Will return shortly with my decision. Sound like some kind of judge, huh?

Ok, I'm five minutes to departure. We were discuss'n the winds for this afternoon and the old Billy Bob says..."what the hell, git out my way....here I come Texas". 

Just check the El Paso weather....moderate winds (6 mile a hour). I can handle that.

See ya down the road a piece.

Well I want you lookie here, the old Billy Bob is slap in Texas, exit #1. By the time I get down the road 10 mile from Deming, there weren't no wind. It done quit. If'n I hadn't took me a Alka Seltzer this morn'n, I would probly still be sit'n on "da porch" sip'n up a cup an' feel'n sorry for myself.  Boy howdy I sure am gonna miss that old porch....again. Last time I left it, I figgered by the time I come back, it would be in a heap on the ground. I musta done a purty good job when I builded it. Ain't narry a board fall off'n it, ain't move a inch in the high winds of Deming....yup, I did a good job. Took me a freak'n week though.
Last and final update for the day.
I'm run'n out of daylight and I don't drive at night. Bout 185 miles into Texas for a total run for the day of 268 miles give or take a couple. Ain't where I wanna be, but this is close enough.

See ya tomorrow....I betcha.


  1. You are a free spirit, so don't put yourself on a schedule. You don't need to do that. Head out whenever you want to. Plans can go to the devil.

  2. If you don't feel 100% up to what the drive demands, better to put it off until you do. Don't want you to have any bad experiences out there! A new can always replace the first one! Most important plan is to take care of BB!

  3. A new plan can replace the first one.

  4. Have a safe trip and welcome back to Texas.

  5. Just get on the road to Texas and enjoy some sunshine and heat..Don't mind what anyone will e-mail you, it is your life and your motorhome, maybe the tummy thing is making you feel ill and it goes to worry in your mind..You are not working anymore, no time clock to punch, just get on the road, stop if you get toooo ill and take a breather someplace safe..Praying you get to texas with warmth & sunshine and that your upsett tummy goes away..ciao!

  6. Now THAT is how I like to make a decision! On the spot, quick & dirty. Safe travels.

  7. Just take a couple more alka seltzer and you can supply your own wind.

  8. Aren't plans made to be broken? Or is that promises? At any rate, ya gotta go with your gut feeling... even if it is Alka Seltzer that the gut is contemplating. Happy Travels!

  9. Lovin' that you're back in Texas, my state of mind. :) Even if I am 388.9 miles northwest of where you and the OFM will hopefully meet up. Enjoy your winter! --Jool

  10. Nothing like doing what you want to do, when you want to do it!!!

  11. BB -

    Looks like you've got a lot of Texan followers, so I'll just add my Welcome Home to theirs. Not perfect, but no place else I'd rather be - we got it all, weather-wise, as you know, so if it's not suiting you in Port A, head west again and a little north and cool off a spell. Good thing about having Sally always with you - home is wherever you are!

    Happy trails and worm drownin' ~