Sunday, October 7, 2012

If I could write a book

I were sit'n out there on "da porch" sip'n up a cup an' got to think'n bout that grave I got out there in the cactus garden (photo goes here....don't let me forget).
I could write a story bout old "Cactus Pete".

"Holy crap Billy Bob, don't ya think it's a litte chilly in here this morn'n"? I finally roll out of bed right bout 7:30 this morn'n. Damn, it's cold. I knowed we was gonna get the tail end of a cold front what come all the way down here to south New Mexico from Canada, or somewheres like that. But, I done forget to turn the electric heater on last night. You know, just to break the chill. By the time I waked up it were 52 degs outside. Fortunately my water hose didn't freeze up on me last night. Some people gonna tell ya this is good "sleep'n" weather, but I'm here to tell ya, it's down right cold.....right on the edge of freez'n.

After I done all that investigat'n an' stuff yesterday, I slept like a new born step child last night. No, it weren't cause it were "good sleep'n weather", but I had done relieved my worry wart mind of any thoughts of "the freak'n motor won't start". Then me an' Sadie Mae be stuck along side the road somewheres in a rag'n snow storm in south Texas....or something like that. 
Today, if'n the temp ever gets up over the 70 degs mark, I'm gonna got out there an' put all that stuff back together what I got lay'n all over the ground. I did find a little burnt wiring thingy problem where I burn a wire slap up a couple three year ago. I giggle that wire an' something go clickity click. Ain't supposed to do that ya know. Maybe I'll attempt to fix it first. Although, everthing seems OK like it is. Probly ain't nuttin wrong with it anyhows.

Well shoot, I rekon I better got down to some brass tacks and do something. I may or may not be back.....laters.

Speak'n of brass tacks, yesterday was a winner. Got the laundry all done up an put away, took a big ol' bag of trash to the dumpster, wash up all them dishes again, sweeped the floor, clean the bathroom....yuk job, rode the "billy bike" round the park an' sit on my ass out there on "da porch" sip'n up a cup an' do'n some think'n. "You da man Billy Bob".


  1. It is a windy 63 near freezin here in Rockport did morn. GOYA

    1. Gene see BBs last line of yesterdays post before the update.

    2. Ah! Now that makes sinse... A good moto!



    3. jajajajaja...GOYA...I think I like that!

  2. Is Cactus Pete buried in that grave? Who is Cactus Pete?

  3. How about a song for Cactus Pete?

    This could be the first line:
    Cactus Pete you were no friend of mine...

  4. I got fed up with the old computer..Bought ma an ACER..hot damn, it works..when it really screws up I use ACER RESTORE and we're back to normal..been usin' these things since the 80's..used to build 'em too..been extremely happy with the ACER LAPTOP..cost a lot less than previous thousands spent on all the others, $450 !!!!!!!!!!!!

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