Monday, July 27, 2015

Damn this sucks.....

Hey!!! The old Billy Bob is gonna say something this morn'n.

*wait'n patiently*
"Ok Billy Bob, whatcha gonna say"?

Hell, I don't know.

I've quit writ'n stories 'cause I cain't bring myself to think bout the past these days. All I can think bout is 'today' an' "what the hell ya gonna do tomorrow"?

I got many choices I could make bout tomorrow...an' a few that have to be made. At this point, I am wrapped up in doctor appointments for the next few months. I got stuff to check out ya know. But, I'm think'n I don't have a few months before the cold ass winter sets in again. I don't want to be "stuck in Georgia" when this happens. I also dread be'n "stuck in south Texas"......with no help.

Some of my fondest memories is when I would sit around at night an' get me a wild hair to go somewheres. The next morn'n I was hook'n up....go'n down the road a hunnert mile a hour. As I age an' have all these issues hold'n me down, I don't do that no more. This is not what I had planned for the rest my life. Shoot, I was think'n, when I reach 89 year old, I might just sell my golf'n clubs an' sit back for a while. Or restring my fish'n poles an' go catch me up a 14 pounds bass fish. But it kind of looks like I ain't gonna quite see that 89 year old birthday. Not with the way things are right now anyhows. It kind of caught up with me way before I was ready.

I'm tell'n ya right now, this damn cat has got to change his ways. Don't get me wrong, I like the hell out this cat, but shoot...."git yer nose out of mine Leonard". Just like last night, I was beg'n for a good nights sleep....here come the cat. Stick'n his face in mine....nose to nose. Then he knocks stuff on the floor....BaBooom....wakes me up with a holler "damn cat". Then he wants food. It's 3:30 in the morn'n an' I'm feed'n a damn cat. Speak'n of feed'n a cat, I've had to ration Leonard's food consumption. Ain't gonna be no "fat cats" in "my" house. Know what I'm talk'n bout?

Sadie Mae's last vet visit, in my book, was a flop. Vet doctor say she may not get no better than she is now. One ear hang down. One eye don't close an' she slobber out her lip. But she's a very happy dog. She has lost some of her big belly an' on occasion, she will play with Leonard. Most times, it's "leave me be Leonard...ya damn cat". Time will tell.

Ok, I need to make me a trip to Walmart. I'm almost slap out of coffee, I ain't got no sugar an' I ain't got nuttin to eat. I also got to make a trip to Home Depot to pick up some 1 x sticks. I got a couple doors to build for "da shed" ya know. But that ain't gonna happen today. As long as my feet are swelled up an' hurt like hell, I ain't go'n nowheres (on the long list of things to check out at the doctors.....one more week). Been like this for bout a week now. Swell'n down in the morn'n, swell dur'n the day. I been flush'n my systems with as much water as I can drink for the last couple days. Don't seem to help. Damn I don't like water. Have ya ever pee every hour on the hour?

Ok, I'm gonna leave it at what I just said. Maybe things will get better in the next couple days an' I can do something to write about. In the mean time, I'm still here.



  1. "Have ya ever pee every hour on the hour?" It's called pregnant! LOL

  2. You and Sadie May needs to get fixed up, the sooner the better, right? Wishing you well.

  3. And I, for one, am some glad to know you are still there! I do hope things look up for you and for Sadie Mae. Would like to know how the doc explains the repeated problem with your feet swelling. Best you take it easy until you get some relief!

  4. hi BB. i am sure glad to see you are still here and kicking . and congratulations that your pregnant !

  5. I'm still here reading whatever you write.

  6. Ditto Shadowmoss, Billy Bob ... And thinking about tomorrow is something, isn't it?