Thursday, July 9, 2015

Success, success, success.....Yeee Ha!!!

Ok, here we go again....a day or so late, but what the hell? I'll tr to address everbody's concerns an' observations as quickly as I can.

Cats borned under "Sally da house" was borned nowheres close to where the ammonia smell was. Scratch that idea.

Slide outs can definitely be a problem....if you don't take care of them. Or if you allow water in enter the living quarters an' ya just shrug it off as "spill't milk". This is 2015, slide out technology has come a long way. Yes I would recommend slide outs. The extra space is like a dance floor. Git down!!!

Ha....you thought I was joke'n didn't ya? This is bout 4 hours work for Robert an' the expert supervision of his daddy, the old billy Bob. This was 2 days ago. Today we started building the roof trusses. One set of patterns is cut an' laid out.

Further inspection of the water leak issue, we replace a old piece of sub flooring what supports the slide out motor assembly. All bad walmut flooring has been removed an' some of it was used for a camp fire last night. New flooring is ready to be installed.
This pic shows where water came in. Yet to be repaired. Pics on the repair later.

A walnut campfire....Yeee Ha!!!!

Hip pains have been terrible. Cain't even sleep in my bed. Get leg cramps ever time I do. Recliner does a pretty good job, but never over 6 hours sleep a night....an' no naps. I need sleep. An' lots of it.

Hot weather is back. Well it ain't at night. 68 degs last night. 94 or 95 today.....in da shade. High humidity.

Oh....I forgot to tell ya. I got me some new vinyl for the kitchen an' liv'n room. I think you gonna like it. Me an' Robert cut it to fit out on the shed deck, rolled it up an' wait'n for the installation of the walnut flooring. Then tackle the water leak problem....my fault for get'n in a big hurry a couple years ago. "Silicone Billy Bob, that's what God invented silicone for....seal water leaks". Sheesh!!!

Ok, that's all I got for today. We had 4 straight days of success. Ya cain't beat that wit a stik. 



  1. hi BB. i liked it when i read ( the expert supervision of his daddy, THE OLD BILLY BOB! ) the old billy bob is coming back ! BB. please be sure to send some pictures of your home made roof trusses ,i will like to see i how you are making them , thxs .

  2. You got room on that platform for a square dance, Ye Haw!!

  3. Hey you making amazing progress, keep at it BB.

  4. Looking and sounding good, more like the old Billy Bob we all love ...