Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yesterday was better than the day before an' today is better than yesterday

As of two days ago, the old Billy Bob is alive again. Well, kind of sorta.

After I made my last post a couple days ago, I began to feel much better. But not better enough to make the trip to Walmart. The swelling in my feet has subsided back to normal look'n feet. I been drink'n that awful tast'n stuff called water an' been prop'n my feet up as I sit an' ponder "what ya gonna do now Billy Bob"? My eat'n abilities have improved to "My God, I'm starv'n". I think I'm gonna live!!! Back issues have NOT improved. Well they do if'n I take me up a couple them aspirin pills or a couple them Tylenol III's.

After my last attempt to sleep in the bed, with leg cramps, I said I would never ever sleep in that thing again. After two uncomfortable nights in the recliner, I say "what the hell?", I climb in the bed....two times. Not the first sign of a leg cramp. But....holy cows, it's that crookit old man again. "Aspirin please"!!!

I ain't hardly done nuttin in bout a week. Well, that changed yesterday. I did a bunch of rewiring in the Mississippi river boat. Batteries was moved from the second deck to the lower deck for center of gravity purposes. Ain't no way this sucker gonna turn upside down no more. Batteries was charged an' tests were performed. Yeeee Ha.....it works. A kiddie pool water test will be performed before I stick the boat in the lake. Fingers crossed.

Yesterday afternoon it was very very hot outside....."Stay in "da house" advisory by weather forecasters". It was a mite warm in "da house" also....84 degs. My a/c start make these weird sounds..."errrr, errrrrr, ERRRRR". Oh Oh, I turn off the t-stat an' break out my trusty volt meter. Low voltage....106.7 volts. How comes the voltage is low? Well, it's like this, my wonderful son had run some conduit for electric service to "Sally da house". That conduit ain't got no wires in it. I'm hooked up to a long ass electric cord what ain't big enough to handle the load when the a/c is run'n....(10/3 w/ ground....115 volt). Plans two months ago was to install some #8 wires in that conduit an' hook up a 50 amp plug (230) volts.  Good for 40 amps with very little voltage drop. "Sally da house" has a 50 amp 230 volt plug. I suppose "daddy" has to go buy up some wires before I burn up a perfectly good a/c with low voltage.

Oh Oh, I falled asleep while I was writ'n this. Ya see, I got up at 5am after bout 4 hours sleep an' I was still sleepy when I started this. Now I'm all grumpy like.
"Don't wake up papaw. He's grumpy when he wakes up".



  1. Go ahead and get it all set up so you can enjoy winter there with your family.

  2. Think ya need to do that 50 amp service real soon. BB.
    Where we at right now got a 200 foot extension cord (light guage wire) on a 15 amp plug that will charge the batteries, but fridge, and hot water on propane, if we want AC we turn on genny (can run both then) for a bit after dinner.
    Going to a campground for couple weeks with full hookups, will be nice.

  3. I got two roof AC units and if I need to run them both, I need 50 amp service. If only one is needed, 30 amps will do. I put in a special 30 amp box back when I got my travel trailer and then the class-C motor-home. Then when I hot the diesel pusher, I put in a 50 amp box and plug. Now I got my choice at the outside pole of 20 amp, 30 amp, or 50 amp here at Dizzy's RV Park.