Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Go'n good.....I'm happy

Ok, let's see what we can figger out this morn'n. I got me some wonderful news....the slide out is sit'n out in the yard on the platform. In other words, the slide out is NOT inside "Sally da house" no more.
Me an' Robert jumped on the project yesterday afternoon. In less than 2 hours, we was done. Strung a "huge" Walmart special tarp over the top of "da house"nan' covering the slide out. Ain't no rain gonna git in my house.

Inspection of the bad flooring, ain't no water come in from the outside. Well maybe not. A thorough inspection will be done an' a "fix" to anything we find. Then the new flooring will be installed (2 1/2' x 10'). Still no indication of where the ammonia smell is com'n from.
Inspection of the slide out gaskets reveal "brand spank'n new" condition. 

My freak'n camera has done bite the dust. The lens thingy won't come out. Error, error, error. My bigger camera will be broke out, cleaned an' hope the sucker still works. Until then....no pics.
 Ha...it worked.

I was surprised I was able to assist Robert with the slide out removal. Ya see, the night before I didn't get but 3 hours sleep. Don't ask me, I don't know. While help'n Robert, I noticed a lower back pain (bout a 2) in the L5 S1 area. Ok, fast foward...I sleeped in the bed last night. Got me bout 6 hours sleep. Waked up with lower back pains....bended over.

This cat (Leonard) is slap ass wild. I been see plenty little kittens do their thing, but Leonard is something else. When he get winded up, which is quite often, he run a hunnert mile a hour....an' tackle the other dogs. Roll on the ground with 'em. Chase the dogs all over the yard. Then he mess with poor ol' Sadie Mae. She don't do that shit....an' she let Leonard know she don't kike that kind of stuff. But they get'n along....kind of sorta. Ya got to remember, Sadie Mae is sit on the edge of 12 year old.

Sadie Mae's vet visit come out pretty good. Seems she has a eat infection or something like that. No "big dog" injuries. On antibiotics for the next 10 days. An' a swallerable flea pill. She's happy this morn'n.....an' for the last 2 days.

The first flea spray'n of the yards seem to have helped. Leonard has less fleas...what are combed out every night an' kill them little blood suckers. One more week, he can have his second dose of flea stuff. Fingers crossed no more fleas.

Robert wants/needs a storage shed. His wonderful daddy is gonna build him one. *dad gum camera* It's gonna be 16 feets wide an' 14 feets deep with "Billy Bob" constructed double 36" doors. I know some shit bout build'n doors. Yes, Robert get's to help his daddy.

Ok, I got a camera to clean. Maybe come back an' add some photos. 


  1. Nice that you getting things done and the pain is less.
    Sounds wonderful

  2. That has always been one of my worries every time I put my slides out, wondering if they will come back in. I had a friend who's slide went out too far and dropped on the ground. I don't always put all my slides out and if I am only stopping for the night, I may not put any of them out.

  3. That ammonia smell is probably from all of the cat's pee from them living under the house in Sinton! Wait till the little kitty grows up. He will probably be too lazy to get up to eat!. Just snooze all day!

  4. Ammonia and cat pee smell entirely different. Ammonia takes my breath completely. Cat pee smell makes me want to run.

    Sounds like life is getting much better for you. I hope so.

  5. hi BB. it is so nice to here you are still kicking and are on the right track to being pain free . if you had the same pain as a little while ago i am sure i would never here you say anything about building wonderful son robert a nice big useful shed . your such a wonderful daddy .

  6. hi BB. about those slide-outs . in my opinion according to everybody that i have ever known that has had slide-outs ( there are more trouble than they are worth ) ? some RVer's do not have the same capacity as you do . and a wonderful son as you do ,so they hate slide outs . would you ever recommend slide outs to everybody ?

  7. Hey, BB, I just thinking. How about an overhead door for the shed, your choice of size. Good luck with your back. The wife had her back surgery done, me I am going to tough it out. Ed