Friday, July 3, 2015

Good news/bad news

Ok, I'm gonna make me a feeble attempt to write something you may be interested in. Lately that's been a real chore at my house.

First off I rekon I can tell ya bout the procedure I had yesterday. Only bout a hour or so at the doc's office.
I was sedated an' the doc, he come in an' stabs me 3 injections in my lumbar to relieve my lower back pains. This morn'n, I'm think'n it's work'n just fine. I figger the best indicator to test the pain relief would be to stand in front the kitchen sink an' warsh up some dishes. No need to take a break ever 5 minutes would mean it works.

The doc was in hopes that the lumbar nerve block would take care of the hip pains. I was hop'n it would too. Well....it didn't. Not even close. But, right now, that's the only pains I got back there.

For insurance purposes, I have to have the "kill them nerves" radiofrequency ablation done. I'm all for that even though it don't last any longer than the injections. This will be performed August 13th. After that, the nice doctor will attempt to find the cause on my hip pains. Does anybody see additional $$$$$$'s?

I painted the bottom of the river boat. Hot damn it looks good. Installed the brand spank'n new rudders an' hot damn....they gonna work. The "wheel" may have to be lowered 1/2 so's it will be far enough in the water to go a hunnert mile a hour. 
Boat modifications have been put on hold due to other circumstances......"Houston, we have a problem".

Water has entered "da house". We have a rotting wood situation in the kitchen flooring. The slide out will have to be pulled to get to the rotting wood. Not really a big thing since we done that one time before. Now all me an' Robert got to do is find where water got to the flooring....between the plywood sub floor an' the finish Walnut floor.

A trip was made to Home Depot in another little town. Two boxes of Walnut flooring was purchased. In the mean time, we had us a severe rain storm this morn'n. A perfect time to check see where water is get'n in. Oh crap, everthing is slap dry as a bone. Not even a drop. Exposed plumbing was checked....not even a drop. *scratch'n my head*

While the slide out is sit'n outside on a bench, all the weather seals will be replaced. Whether they need it of not.

Bout them mater plants. They grow'n like weeds. Had to put the damn things in wire cages so's they will hold a hunnert pounds of maters.

Poor cat was covered from head to toe with a gazillion fleas. Thanks to a reader that seldom comments, I Googled vinegar an' water as a flea "git off my cat" treatment. Ha, it works....or I suppose it does. Robert sprayed the yard, but it's gonna take a second treatment. After that, I will apply one more of the generic Frontline doowachie thingamagigs to the cat....Leonard.

Ok, Sadie Mae got her ass whooped by one the BIG dogs. A hole in one ear an' bruising to her left front leg. She was in pain. Much better this morn'n....but still just lays around "do'n nuttin".

My stomach is back to good shape. That virus is slap gone. I can eat anything I want. In fact, yesterday even'n, I eat up enough for 2 people. Bed time I forget to take my meds....an' my Zantac. Right bout 4am I was waked up with half my supper in my throat....burn like hell. Took my Zantac an' in less than 20 minutes, I was good to go.

Ok, I got me a desktop to clean all the crap off of. My God, where all this shit come from? I would take a pic, but I'm too 'barrassed. Ain't never nobody treat a desktop like this.

My computer problems get worser every day. The slot I put the camera card in sometimes it works sometimes it don't. The mouse cursor goes all over the place any ol' time it wants to. Close the lid an' reopen, cursor is fine for a bit. Then.....Zooom, there it go again. Programs load slow. Grrrrrrr Windows 8.1.


  1. Use dawn detergent for dishes on your new Kitty cat, it will help with the fleas, I would still get some flea stuff from petco or petsmart on online on one of those cites to get pet meds I think it is called PET MEDS try it, they can make the cat so dadblasted sick the fleas she or he could die did you know that and Sadie Mae needs to be taken to the Vet for some help, her ear could get really infected and she is probably beaten up so bad might need some iv hydration with something in it to heal her, please take her in, she deserves it at the very least, cut back on something else and get Sadie Mae to the VET and taken care of and get the flea stuff advantage 2 or frontline 2 for the kitty cat so she won't pass away, we get cats thrown about to us, we take them to a female only cat place, they clean them up, fix them up and shots and flea and worm shots, they don't go out at all and never suffer like they do when no FLEA treatsments, please for the sake of your beloved Sadie Mae please take her in to the VETS office and get some treatment she could actually get worse infection and pass away..ciao

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  3. hi BB. happy happy 4th of july . it is very good and nice that you have made it to the 239th usa birthday !

  4. hi again BB. your tomatoes plants are looking good , i remember you growing topsy turby tomatoes up-side down hanging from you rv's mirrors . you sure like growing tomatoes .

  5. Them tomatoes gonna be soo good, can taste them from here.