Thursday, July 16, 2015

Slide out....more repairs...damn cat

Even though the slide out has been reinstalled, we have some minor issues with adjustments. Like..."WHAT THE HELL"??? Ya see, when we make one adjustment, it throws off another adjustment. But...we get'n close. Shoot, after work'n on this thing, I'll be a expert in nuttin flat.

Ok, my freak'n Toshiba laptop has issues. Nuttin on the left side of the keyboard works worth a crap. Foun't 3 more keys that fail to operate. "So what ya gonna do Billy Bob"? Well I rekon I'll run on down to Best Buy an' pick me up another computer.
Fast foward.....they don't got no 17 inch laptops....period. Well wait a minute, they did have one. With a price tag on it so high, I probly could hack into the US Government secure computer systems.

I fount me a computer. Not a laptop. It's just what ya see in the photo...a computer built into a screen, a wireless keyboard...what I don't like an' a wireless mouse. I miss hell out of a touchpad.
Now, if'n I want to take the Dell computer for a ride in the "billy jeep", it has a battery. How long it lasts I don't know. Ha, almost just like a laptop. 

Damn I wish I could breath. Just a walk up "yo mama's" back steps, I got to sit down an' catch my breath. That sucks. Back issues ain't been too bad for the last few days.

For Louie....the carpet has been removed. Walnut flooring has been installed. WWell most of it. Got to wait on a trip to Home Depot for some oak trim. After finishing touches, I'll post a pic of the completed job. For those that have not know'n what me an' Louie is talk'n bout, the carpeted floor under the desktop.

Ok....I'm back.
Holy cows, me an' Robert been work'n on the slide out all afternoon. While do'n all that adjust'n an' it still weren't right, we start check'n stuff. Well I want you lookie here, the damn slide our floor is loose from the slide out wall. Chincy ass method of construct'n a slide out if'n ya ask me. Me an' Robert is fix'n it. Kind of sorta a redneck repair, but it will work. Photos after the Monkey glue drys....(glued an' bolted).

I ain't mentioned this damn cat in a few days. Boy howdy he sure is grow'n...an' fiesty as hell. My kind of cat.
Now let me tell ya, this cat, Leonard, he loves his daddy. I went to bed, in the bed, the other night an' Leonard says..."you ain't go'n to sleep quite yet". He wants pet'n time. He climbs up on my chest an' sticks his nose in my mouth, in my nose an' in my eyes.....under my chin. "Pet me" he says. I throws him off the bed. *for all the PEPA people, I gently set him on the floor* He's right back up there, nose to nose.

Then there's one of Roberts dogs. A weird poodle of some kind. Him (Charlie) an' Leonard go fist to cuffs every night....chase each other all over the yard. Tumble all over the "da deck" an' the green grassy yard. These two are "scrap'n" buddies.

Ok, I'm back again. Damn, I ain't got no time for nuttin. Company, more company, big ol' home brewed salad with chunks of chicken....more company. See ya all the next trip.



  1. Man your a busy guy there at Yo' mamas, keepin you outta trouble thats for sure.

  2. It is good you and Robert are getting things done.

  3. hi BB. good to here from you as usual , i see you have a dell ! did you get an other windows 8.1 ? lol.
    or 10 ? hey BB. you and wonderful son robert can build yourself an elevator to get up on top of the high deck at yo mama's ! what do you think about that ? and Donald ?

  4. Didn't you take the laptop apart and look to see what the problem was? You can watch videos on Youtube about doing just about anything.

  5. Reason i said that, i didn't know you could replace the keyboard on a laptop until not long ago. Youtube shows how.

  6. Good thing about getting old: you can have new experiences that you had before--read an old book but don't remember how it ended so it's just as exciting this time around. Good to teach Robert things you know now, though, so he can teach them back to you later.