Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Slide out is in

As we age, our bodies take on a new destination in life.....fall slap apart. Our minds begin to shut down of the things we have learned along the way. Old age....cherish it.

Well shoot, we been so dad gum busy, there was no time to make a blog post. This morn'n, I decided the old Billy Bob was gonna take some time off. Lay back an' rela* (what the hell, my * don't work) a bit.

As the slide out was sit'n outside on the big ol' bench thingy awaiting installation back into "da house", it rained. Some rain made it's way under the tarp an' wetted the desktop an' floor. The computer was sit'n on the desktop....closed. But somehows before it was moved...it was dampened with droplets of water. Across 1/2 the screen is a weird look'n line bout 1/2 inch wide. I can still see the entire screen, so I'm think'n I can live with that. But the loss of the letter *, this could prove to be a problem. I guess I just won't use the word "rela*" no more. Or I could change the spell'n...."relacks". No further damage was done.
Oh wait, yes there was. The left CTRL key an' the TAB key don't work neither. Grrrrrrrr.

Then yesterday, while it was still a bit cool outside, we began reinstalling the slide out. Piece of freak'n cake.

Then we attempted to adjust the slide out so the sealing gaskets would all make good contact. Two freak'n hours later an' we still ain't got it right. Frustration kicked in....we will adjust another day. Did I mention we was frustrated???

Tools an' related items was removed from inside "da house". Ha, it looks like "Sally" again. Much clean'n yet to be tackled.

I been think'n bout tell'n ya bout a freak'n monkey, "Monk Monk", I used to have. In the near future I'll try to write that story....again....but not today. But be forewarned, don't ever get a monkey for a pet.


  1. hi BB. i sure hope you can save your windows 8.1 computer and fix that X . i know you have always hated that windows number . so if you need to ever consider a new windows 10 ,apparently the windows 10 is a lot betterand easier .by the way, did i forget to tell you that your computer's worst enemy is WATER ? second is dust ?

  2. Dang, I wouldn't want to take on that job of taking the slide out and putting back in.

  3. Hey ya got that done perfect, but then again the computer, but then again it's windows.

  4. I mess up my computers by spilling water (or beer) on the keyboards. I've never had one get rained on.

    I cherish my old age allright. I won't ever pass this way again.

  5. hi BB. i would like to revise my knowledge of the worst enemy to your computer , the second is beer !