Saturday, January 9, 2010

Terlingua or not?????

Yesterday I was talk'n bout go'n off grid....pointed in the direction of Terlingua, Texas. Now if'n ya never been to this place, ya gotta take a look see what I'm talk'n bout. I rekon if ya was to "google", you gonna find everything ya want to know bout it.

Some folk gonna say that Terlingua is an isolated ugly patch of ground out in the middle of nowhere. Yep, you may be right. That is if ya never look at the beauty of the desert and mountains. When God invented the Big Bend area, he knowed exactly what he were do'n. I been there many times, so's I know what I'm talk'n bout. I could live there no problem. And that probably what I gonna do. I may die there, but that ok too.....gotta die somewhere!

Then there's the people that live there and those that "plan" to live there. In my travels all over the country, I find all kind of "old grumpy", "nasty", "foul minded", "get off my land", "nose stuck in the air" kind of folk. But when I'm in the Terlingua area, I find a different kind of folk. The kind ya would want for a neighbor....bout a mile away. These are hard work'n folk, scratch'n the dirt and rocks to build a life of freedom and happiness. Some make it, others don't. It's a hard way to go, but in the end, worth every effort.

Picked up all the tools, burnt all the scrap wood from the old solar oven, raked the yard and lay back "do'n nuttin". Now that what I call a good day. Oh, did I mention it got up to 75 degs yesterday. Not that you would be interested, but being a retired R/V'n old fart liv'n in his "shack on wheels" has it's good points.

Boy howdy, what a beautiful morning it is. Gotta do something today.....outside. Let me see, I need to go get water, take the trash to the dumpster, make a run to Walmart for something to eat and maybe sit on "da porch" sip'n a cup. That sounds like a full day even if nuttin else gets done.

That took care that. Done dropped off a hunert pounds of trast, fill my two water jugs and went to Walmart. But, Boy Howdy....did Billy Bob get all 'cited and buy up all kind of stuff. Went WAY over what I was gonna spend. "How the hell ya gonna get that big ol' pizza in the freezer"??? Well shoot, that easy....break out the Skill saw and cut it in half....DUH!!! All that other stuff, I have no idea where it gonna go.

First thing I done when I got back at 3pm was to hook up my brand spank'n new Brita water filter. The cheap one since it only temporary. Brewed me up a pot of coffee and let me say right here and now, that sucker works. Good "man" coffee with the bite of a fire breath'n dragon.

My dinner what I made last night (for two meals) is gonna have to wait till tomorrow. We all gonna eat a big ol' chuck roast tonight with all them taters and carrots. Boy howdy, can hardly wait.

Ok, I'm gone....pooof!....just like that. Got $200 worth of stuff what is wait'n on me to be put up. Where??? You tell me............Sheesh Billy Bob, think fore ya go shopp'n.


  1. Was plannin on makin it out to the slabs today but I came down with a case of the Billy Bobs ( feel like doin nothin). I still might make it , I'll give it a few hours and see after more cofee.

    If I leave at 3 pm I'll be gettin in there around dark thirty. maybe leave at 1pm ifn cofee does the trick.

  2. Since I have been following your blog you have been to Terlingua twice and left in no time flat. I will believe you when you are actually living there.

    Walmart should feature you in a commercial, after all you give them countless plugs (more than any other blogger I read) hehehehe!!

    Enjoy your roast beef dinner.

  3. I'll vote for Terlingua.

  4. Maybe B Bob is trying to get Walmart to carry his own line of clothing? BILLY WEAR lol