Monday, June 20, 2011

Another week....of what?

Boy howdy, let me tell ya. The smoke and winds yesterday was terrible. The wind got up high enough to shut down the Interstate and surrounding highways. Now that's bad.
Wind is already "danc'n" the trees, so I rekon we'll have another windy day....damn.

Speak'n of smoke....I'm gonna bet ya a buck that yesterday was the worstest day we had since all them fires started. Even over there in west Texas they are complain'n bout all the smoke. Although, it's not near as bad as here in Deming. I got me an hour on "da porch" yesterday...and again this morning, before I had to go inside.

In case nobody ain't heard, old "pesky neighbor" Wayne is miss'n again. One of the "girls" called the hospital yesterday to talk to him and he was gone....poooof, just like that. Of course they wouldn't tell the girls where he went....just that he was gone. Well shoot, they was gonna pull all them water hose pipes out him last week and send him off to rehab, so I rekon that what they did.
Well now, that wasn't too hard. One of the "girls" made a few phone calls and found our missing "pesky neighbor". He IS in rehab, but has no phone. Now ain't that a crock???

Looked in the freezer and fount me a couple ham hocks....probably over a year old. Throwed 'em in a pot and added a bunch of them "15 bean soup" beans. Takes another look....that ain't enough beans so added more. Last time I did that I had a pot all the ways to the top.

Damn I hate it when an internet connection goes dead. Here I were talk'n to old Uncle Ben this morn'n and pooof he was gone.....just like that.


  1. Would the rehab place let Wayne have a phone if someone ordered and paid for it? Just a thought. He's got to be going crazy with no contact with friends.

  2. Glad Wayne is in rehab, maybe he will get home soon.

  3. Gypsy, Wayne has a cell phone, but a neighbor lady has it. I guess she took it while he was in the hospital here.

    Dizzy, one of the "girls" called rehab. They told her that Wayne can't roll over by himself. Don't sound too good for a speedy recovery.

  4. Doing a DD this morning, wondering,,how much pesky will work at that rehab? Takes 2 to do any good. Keeping him in my prayers.