Sunday, June 26, 2011

Talk'n to be talk'n

What do ya think about? Well shoot, I think bout everything. Some of my thoughts are really ridiculous. I think bout stuff that would never enter the mind of most people. Weird stuff.

Like yesterday I was think'n bout jump'n on a horse and riding over to the mountains. Now does that make sense when I have a "that jeep" sit'n out there in the yard? With air conditioning.

Them quail puppies sure are grow'n fast. If ya ain't never seen a baby quail, they look like little golf balls run'n around after their momas and daddies. Cute as hell. FORE!!!! Now I guess you know that roadrunners eat little quail puppies. They meat eaters ya know. The "old man" says to shoot all the roadrunners that come in the park, but I ain't gonna do that. They hungry too.

Oh Oh, I got mice. I was put'n up some dishes I washed last week and holy cows, they done got in my oven and took some the insulation out. I set me some traps last night in hopes of get'n them all. Only one. Cute as hell. This is the 3rd time I had rodent problems in "da house". One time big ol' rats build them a nest and eat up some my wires. I think I lost them go'n a hunert mile a hour down the road. This time I'm gonna try them electronic pest thingys. Hope they work as good as they advertise.


  1. I don't know how those electronic things work but I bet it will drive your dog over the edge. I had those dang mice get in my rig and I put in a box of D Con and I never have a problem any more. The stuff is like industrial strength water pills and when they eat it they leave looking for water and then die outside. You need to take that little fishing boat up to Elephant Butte Lake and spend a few days fishing.

  2. Accidently did this, and found the best trap of all, rid my whole neighborhood of mice, lololol,,, Put a little bird seed into a 5 gal bucket, set it close to something so the mice can get to the top. They will jump in there, and can't get out. Shocked me too, when i opened my store room door and heard all the racket. Thot, WTH?? What did i do with them?,,,hahahaha Fed them to the cats, of course. After a day r 2, they saw that bucket and came running. Did feel bad about the last 2, were so little, but.....

  3. Trouble, that sounds like a good pest control system. Reminds me of the time when I was bout 6 year old. We were at the old timey general store. They had a cracker barrow, so's I reach in and steal me a cracker. Holy crap, a little mouse done bit the crap out me. Guess he would'a died in there if I hadn't flung him cross the store.

    Too hot River. Been in the lower 100's here and about.

  4. Wait until it cools off some and I would enjoy a horse-back ride into the mountains. Maybe I watch too many oldly cowboy shows.

  5. Simple ,, get ya some of the D-Con packs of mice and rat killer. Put it somewhere back in there. Follow the directions.. it works.
    Don't waste your time fooling with homemade up remedy's.. Kill the dirty vermin!!

  6. Ben, I don't use chemical poisons. There are too many critters out here that will eat a dead mouse in a second. That's kind of like ambushing the Arizona Kid while he's rid'n up a narrow canyon. Nope, ain't gonna do it.

  7. BB that's why i never used poisons either. Did put out those sticky thingys one time, first thing i caught,,was Fancy,,,hahahaha, knew what she had done when i heard her crashing thru the house. Good thing my son had told me how to get them off. Caught 2 on one paper one time, mice that is, Jude was scared to death, wouldn't go near em. Looked horrible to him, big black squiggling paper.

  8. Trouble, nor would I ever use the stick stuff thingys. When I think of a mouse caught on that stuff, I think of a fox caught in a spring trap. Then he gnaws off the foot to gain freedom. No, suffering and pain is the wrong approach. Mouse traps are instant dead.

  9. Kill the disease laden vermin.

    Mice and rats are important to the environment in that they are a staple food of a variety of animals such as cats, owls, snakes, and various arthropods. However, mice and rat infestations are not only an inconvenient nuisance to home and business owners, but present dangers due to their ability to carry and transmit disease through their excretions. They have also been known to cause structural damage to homes and businesses making them one of the most annoying pests known in the pest control industry.

    Mice and Rats Carry Disease
    The most notable diseases transmitted by mice and rats include:

    * Salmonella
    * Rickettsialpox
    * Leptospirosis
    * Choriomeningitis
    * Ratbite Fever
    * Tularemia
    * Dermatitis
    * Parasitic Worms
    * Hanta Virus
    * Plague
    * Favus

    These conditions and diseases can be extremely dangerous to humans. They are transmitted through contact with the animal’s feces, urine, touch or bites.