Saturday, June 29, 2013

Twice updated...Holy Crap it's HOT....

Ok, I don't think we need to discuss Windows 8 no more. As long as I can find the desktop, get online, I'm fine with that.

But I do have to say something bout this heat an' my "Walmart special" thermo jiggerdoo. It's a two piece wireless thermometer, indoor an' outdoor temps ya know. The outside unit (battery powered) is mounted on the outside wall (DUH!) up under the awning where the sun don't shine. I'm think'n that a ideal place to locate a thermometer....out of the sun. Shoot, if'n it was in the sunshine, that sucker go all the way up 130 degs....something like that.

Well, I been think'n a long time that Walmart done seen me com'n when I buy this thermometer contraption. To give ya a idea what I'm talk'n bout, the internet weather thingy says it's 97 degs outside. My Walmart special says it 100 right here an' now. Yesterday the silly thing said it was 104 right bout 2pm and 109 at 4:30pm. I'm think'n something ain't right. Not that it really matters or nuttin like that....hot is hot no matter what the temp is.

So anyhows, this heat wave is got the old Billy Bob stuck in "da house". Sit on his ass all day an' do clickity click on the computer, watch some TV an' take naps. Now my ass is sore. Ain't got no blisters or nuttin like that yet, but I betcha a dollar, sit'n on your ass ain't good for ya. Yup, it affects my poor old ail'n back an' how far I can walk without sit'n down again. I 'member a time I would walk 5 mile, ride a bike a hunnert mile....climb a freak'n telephone pole if'n I was want'n to. But that was before the age of 200 channel television an' clickity click computers. I'm think'n I was much younger also at that time.

Some times it takes somebody else to jiggle my mind into making decisions. I ain't say'n that I cain't make decisions on my own, but a little help never hurts. Me an' OFM Barney was talk'n the other day bout cool places to camp. That was when I start get'n a little bit excitis. I got to think'n bout the 3 months I spent in Georgia last year. I was comfortable an' I could go outside an' do stuff. At the same time I was in Georgia, Barney was in north Alabama enjoy'n a wonderful "cool" visit with family. Can ya see where I'm com'n from? It's cool in north Alabama an' it's cool in Georgia. When I says cool, I'm talk'n lower 90's compared to lower 100's ever day here in south Texas. If'n ya wanna giggle my mind a little, that's OK with me.  Twist my arm....stuff like that.

Ok, let me tell ya bout that Weber Q grill. I'm think'n that thing was a gift sent from heaven. Thanks to George, "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland". I been cook'n me up some purty darn good eat'n on that thing.
Here is a example of what ya can do on a Weber.

Plated up, it look something like this.

Now let me tell ya bout them maters an' onion. Won't be grill'n no more onion on the Weber, but you can bet yer bippy there gonna be more maters grilled on there. I ain't never eat no grilled maters before. Them suckers was some kind of good. But they sticked to the grill grates.....leave some of the char behind. Yes, they was soused with olive oil in case ya wanna ask.

Dang, 20 minutes of editing.....I think I got it now. 

Afternoon temp update:
Ok, here's what I'm talk'n bout.

This is that Walmart "special" reading.

This is from the Taft weather station, 12 miles south of Sinton.

 Also hang'n out the winder is my old refrigeration pocket thermometer, what says it's 108 degs.
So who do you believe?

Ok, lets move the outside sensor to a new location. Set it over there on that burned up little table on the Weber Q. Well now, how bout this....107 degs.....what I'm think'n is the correct temp for Sinton....and maybe not Taft. Hmmmmmm, heat build up under a blue awning? What ya think? I'll buy that.

Supper update.......don't ya just love updates.

Grilled ham steak
Grilled brussel sprouts
Grilled mater
Not grilled green onions

Sounds good to me.....Yup, yum yum eat 'em up.



  1. A layer of aluminiumiummium foil under the maters and onins worked really good for me in the past when I used an out in the heat and bugs grill.

    1. Are ya say'n tomatoes won't stick to 350 degs alum. foil?
      What heat an' bugs? Ya don't have to stand out there in the heat while stuff is cook'n. That's why god installed doors an' AC on a RV. Ya stand "inside" an' look out the winder.

  2. It really makes me feel like a fool to be here in this miserable heat when I could be in Decatur, Al tickling my almost one year old grand kid or out playing golf or sitting on a bench in the shade of an old tree fishing for crappie and catfish. What in the world was I thinking????

    1. We don't always make the grandest decisions Barney. I lived in this area right at 20 years and have never experienced anything like we have this year. Hot yes, but never 500 degs in the shade.

      I've got two months before my yearly doc appointment....so why the hell not? I'm research'n......

  3. Does that mean you will soon be setting sails for Georgia?

    Boy that food sure does look good!

    1. Not necessarily Georgia. May hook up with OFM Barney somewheres in north Alabama. If'n ya don't mind, give my right arm a little twist.

    2. http://www.crappie.com/crappie/forum.php

  4. When you get to Georgia try grilling some of those delicious Vidalia onions on your Weber. Even if they stick a little bit, that's what they make grill scrap'n devices for.

    1. Gypsy, I hate cooked onions. Tried the green onions on the grill 'cause I love green onions. Cain't wait to toss me some pineapple on the grill. Last one was on the old "catch on fire" Walmart special grill. Burn it slap up.

      Vildalia or I think in Texas 1015's, I eat like a apple....raw. Actually, I think they are two different onions.

    2. Yes Rob....apple slices too. Hot damn, I'm gonna love my Weber.
      Can ya grill grapes?

  5. Put the tomatoes on some parchment paper then on some aluminum paper and they will slide right off the parchment paper..Put the spuds in the aluminum foil punch some holes with a knife in them before a little olive oil and salt and pepper wrap the aluminum foil around them, toss them on a long time before the maters and also your steak so your spuds will be done by the time you actually want to eat the steaks..they will grill up on that babeque you got..have a wonderful summer, keep cool and cook almost all of your meals on the Q and make your coffee early and keep it on warm for a while..ciao

    1. Parchment paper an' alum foil? I think not. I want them suckers to "burn"...you know, get a char on 'em where they contact the grill.
      My taters, stabbed with a bunch of fork holes an' then placed in a bowl of garlic water, put in the micro for 8 minutes on hi....before they ever see the grill. All this does is save some (60%) grill time. No effect to the taste from the micro. Always perfect baked taters.
      Don't have no warm on my coffee maker. Insulated thing-a-bob.

  6. Makes the 99 in Aransas Pass and 90 in Decatur, Al seem almost cool.