Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Misery deserves misery

Miserable??? Let me tell ya bout miserable. Yesterday morn'n when I waked up, the freak'n a/c was run'n. Right there tells me that it's gonna be a miserable day. A/c's don't run this early in the morn'n unless it already hot outside. This is a "stay cool, play'n checkers, in a air conditioned building" kind of day. Ya don't go outside an' play nuttin. No jump'n on a fancy lawn mow'n tractor. Not even walk the dog.

But do ya think OFM Barney an' the old Billy Bob pay any attention to the weather guy when he say "play checkers in a air conditioned building today"? We was stand'n on the tee box at hole #1 wipe'n little sweat beads out our eyes an' off'n our foreheads. By the 9th hole, Barney was beat up so bad he hanged up his clubs. I was hold'n my own the best I could in these swelter'n conditions. By the 15th hole I'm think'n...."this shit sucks". Hang up the clubs an' call it "a miserable day".

From there we headed on down to the air conditioned "fart place"....as Barney calls it. I drinked half a gallon ice tea before I could make a decision what to eat. I orders me up a big heap'n plate of mixed fajitas, beef, chicken an' sausage. Let me tell ya right now, if'n you are ever in Sinton, Texas, the "fart place" is the place to eat Mexican food (Taqueria La Tapatia). That is if'n you like Mexican food as much as me an' Barney do. The food is excellent, the service is outstand'n and the prices are right (by 2013 standards). Ya don't get this kind of food for no $3 a plate....ya gotta pay the go'n rate.

Ain't gonna mention anything this morn'n bout my dreams an' expectations or nuttin like that. They all on hold. I got me some serious decisions to make before I go traisp'n off down the road. Kind of like the old lady what fall down an' says...."where's the beef"? Where's the beef mean'n...adventure, feel'n good, happy, sunny skys an' "cool".

Ok, took Sadie Mae to the vet yesterday. 'member that little growth I was tell'n ya bout? Well, the doc look at it, squeeze it an' all kind of stuff. Yank out a big ol' needle an' give Sadie a shot. Put her on liquid by mouth antibiotics for the next ten days. If'n that don't fix her, she got to have surgery....cut that growth slap off.
I give her her first dose of medication this morn'n....what she don't like. I got to put up with her fight'n for 19 more doses (2.5cc every 12 hours).

Did ya hear, our federal government, FDA to be exact, has a plan on the draw'n board to regulate how much coffee you can drink. It's directed at children, like they always do, but you can bet yer bippy, it's us adults what is gonna be regulated.
" Despite a mounting opposition, the FDA will continue to investigate ways to end the addition of caffeine in foods and beverages. The administration hasn’t ruled out using enforcement as a way to curb production, and could even “go through the regulatory process to establish clear boundaries and conditions on caffeine use”—which would lead to age restrictions, potentially paving the way for “21 and up” coffee laws."



  1. Yep those miserable days of summer are already here and it isn't even summer :(

    I don't know how thrilled Taqueria La Tapatia would be to be called "the fart place" but you did give them a good review nonetheless.

  2. Glad Sadie is going to be ok. I was a bit worried for her.

  3. You take good care of Sadie May, you hear? I am sure you will. Guess what? I was the one you were talking about. I jumped on that fancy lawn tractor and cut a bunch of grass that was start'n to look like a sugar cane or bambo forest. Sure did need cutt'n and I tried to wait until a cool day, but that will not happen for another 6 or 7 months.

    1. Ha....and here I was think'n me an' Barney was the only ones what needed professional help.

    2. I had professional help but I drove her insane.

  4. Yeah, June has hit me with a vengeance; I ain't worth shootin'! No AC but only a tiny fan 'sucks' as you say. Breathing is a hard chore.

    Sure hope the antibiotic helps yet never heard of this for a cyst. Durned knife happy docs abound...not for me ever again. I betcha my colloidal silver dabbed on would work a miracle for Sadie May's ailment ... I'm leery of store boughten antibiotics... my DE (Google that) pulls out lots impurities. The dogs romp with health from a good dose too. Me too!

    Now just watch...see if the price of coffee don't start climbing. Damned interferin' gubment probably want us to drink more that poisonous utility water filled with fluoride and other non-safe crap.

    Think I must make a water haulin trip fore some idiot official reroutes the mountain spring like they did over yonder a ways. Rerouted it, closed it to smart health conscious people then started bottling it to make money for the town. Told us readin the news that is was contaminated with deer poop - pshaw! pish! tish! Lyin'damn gubment controllers!

    Sure would like some of that Mexican dish right now - starving to death! But beans and cornbread it will be today.

    Going to remain anonymous - wouldn't want no gubment huntin me down for slammin em! Eh?

  5. You and Barney are hopeless when it comes to swak'n golf balls. Burning heat and frigid cold can't stop you guys. Glad you decided to go eat Mexican food before you passed out with heat exhaustion.

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  7. Sounds like Sadie Mae will be just fine. glad to hear.