Friday, June 21, 2013

What you talk'n bout....Walmart?

"So what's on the agenda for today"? 
"I know, I know, a trip to Walmart".
"So what yer say'n, ya didn't go to Walmart yesterday".
"Well, somthing like that".

So there you have it, you now know the truth. But 'fore ya get all excited, let me tell ya a little story.

Ya see, when I wakes up every morn'n, I usually have to look out the winders to see where I'm at. I'm not awake yet. Not even close. And when I'm not awake, ain't got that other eye open, I say stuff that I wouldn't say if'n I was awake. Ya know what I'm talk'n bout....ya say stupit stuff. "I'm gonna go to Walmart"...stuff like that.

So I was sit'n here yesterday morn'n, still in a sleep stupor an' I says...."I'm go'n to Walmart today". So I ate me up a can of spaghetti an' meat balls. Boy howdy, I love them 'Chef Boy Are These Good' spaghetti an' meat balls. It ain't really the meat balls what I like. They taste like chicken. It's the sketties an' the sauce what I like. Does anybody remember can Franko American mac an' cheese? Oh my god, I would die for a can of that stuff. Eat it straight out the can. But, ya cain't find it no more at the grocery stores. In the last  10 years I only found one can at a Walmart out west somewheres......tasted terrible. Same thing with Campbells Chicken Noodle soup. Anybody remember when the noodles was round an' the soup was the best in the world? Stuff like that don't taste no good no more.

Ok, what was we talk'n bout. Oh yeah, I ate up a can of spaghetti an' meat balls for breakfast. Right after that, I start get'n sleepy....dizzy an' stuff like that. Sadie Mae is lay'n over there on the couch in my favorite spot. I'll just close my eyes for a few minutes right here in my chair. I dozes off, head bobb'n ever which way.....almost fall out the chair. BANG BANG BANG.....nephew Joseph is bang'n on my door. "Are you asleep uncle Bill? I need your help". Ya see, he was mess'n with that lawn tractor. Now it won't start. I grabs holt to my coffee mug an' go take a look see. "Ah Ha, you took the ignition coil pacs off didn't ya"? Yeah he did. The air gap was way too wide, ain't no way the spark plugs gonna spark like that. I fix that real quick like, but by now, it's afternoon an' I need me a nap. I did not go to Walmart.

Now, I think I may have mentioned a round of golf ball swak'n for today. Well, it's too late for that kind of nonsense. "You sleep too much Billy Bob, ya gotta get up early". Ain't no need to say no more bout that. I won't be swak'n no golf balls today.

My son Robert is on a electrical job up in San Antonio. Works for some big ol' high dollar electric company out of Atlanta. Makes way too much money for such a young feller. Anyhows, he gonna come see his daddy Saturday afternoon/evening. Spend all day Sunday. He's such a good boy. Rekon we will just sit around tell'n lies an' look'n at each other. Go out to eat some delicious Mexican food, ride around....have a father son day of it. I'm excitis bout all that.

Thought for the day. Everbody don't go to heaven, even if'n we do want to think that way. Or to a better life. Walk'n with angels.....stuff like that. Somebody is gonna go to hell.     


  1. Gonna be a nice father/son day, I like them too. Only one son, two daughters, spend more time with them but thats ok too.
    The kids they too make too much money, but think they are gonna need some of that when they get old, we are using up all that government pension money.

  2. Why does there have to be a hell? I plumb don't believe it.

  3. Wait a minute, hell or not was NOT my subject for the day.

    Any hows, just got back from Walmart. See, when I say I gonna do somthing, I do it.

    Have ya ever ate grilled peaches? Grilled watermelon? I come ][ this close to buy'n some.

    "pesky neighbor" Wayne call me....got kick out of the park. Send money Billy Bob, send money.

  4. Thank goodness I am not the only one that eats "odd stuff" for breakfast. I like to eat canned ravioli...it makes a great late night snack as well :)

    Glad you are going to have some one on one time with your son.

  5. P.S. I do not believe in heaven or hell...but if I am wrong...hope I go to hell because that is where the majority of my friends will be :D

  6. Yes, Billy Bob....some will go to heaven, and some will go to hell...thank the Lord that He gave us a choice...He died on the cross for our sins...all we have to do is believe...a free gift of salvation...our choice :)
    Thanks for your thought of the day!