Friday, June 7, 2013

Just a think'n

I'm gonna just sit here stare'n at this computer screen for a few minutes while I do me some think'n.

What ya think'n bout Billy Bob?
Oh, I don't know, time I spend on the computer, the blog, what I'm gonna do with the rest of my life....stuff like that ya know.

What ya mean computer time and the blog?
Well, I spend most every morn'n look'n at stuff on the internet. Spend a good 2 or more hours do'n that crap. Never less than two hours. You know what I'm talk'n bout, read'n the news events of the day, read'n a gazillion blogs, check'n out drama on Facebook....the same ol' stuff everbody else does. Do'n a little research on Google too. I don't have time for all that nonsense every morn'n. I need to get my life back.

Ok, I understand the computer stuff....that sounds like a bunch of fun to me. But how bout the blog, you know, Billy Bob's Place? Why are ya think'n bout that for?
Well, I been think'n for a long time that I need to make some changes to my blog. Maybe even make it a weekly thing. Not that I want to, but I have a really hard time making a post every morn'n when I ain't did nuttin the day before to write about. I done lost most my customers, my blog posts are get'n to be a bore.....maybe it's time for a "go'n out of business" sale. But I don't wanna do that neither. I'm a entrepreneur business man ya know. The blog will stay.

Have ya thought bout go'n back to writ'n childhood stories? You know, silly shit like ya used to write bout? Billy Bob's Place used to be a jam up blog ya know.
Yeah, I thought bout that. But damn, I done tole all my stories. Some of 'em more than onest. Then when I try to go back in my memory banks for something new to write bout, I'm asked for a freak'n password. What the hell, I don't remember no stink'n password.

Are ya lose'n yer mind Billy Bob? Ya ain't go'n nuts on us are ya?
Well, I been knowed to lose my mind on occasion....go haywire, stuff like that. An' I been called nuts an' a fruitcake a few time in my life too, but it's my loss of memory what I'm talk'n bout. The damn thing just don't work very good no more. Forget stuff before I even get a chance to think bout it. A couple times I even forget my own phone number. I have to look at my driver license just to see what state I'm in or my birthdate. You know what I'm talk'n bout...."old timers" disease....or something like that.

Ya know, if'n ya just up an' quit your blog, there gonna be some disappointed people. Is that what ya want, disappoint your followers?  
Well, let me think bout that a minute. I been disappoint'n my followers for bout a year or more now. That's why they don't come visit me no more ya know. Blog'n has become a chore for me. I remember a while back when I was sharp as a tack, remember all the ways back to when I was 5 year old. Sit down an' rip out a story lickity split. Remembered ever time I got me a whoop'n or a ass chew'n for some silly predicament I got myself into. I ain't hell on wheels no more now that I growed up. Well, I am, it's just the wheels don't turn so well no more.

There ya have it....that's what I'm think'n bout. I got to change something. Today, I am not happy with my life. Nope, not at all happy. Here it is 1pm an' I ain't did a damn thing all morn'n long but sit here in front a computer screen wast'n a beautiful day away. That what I'm talk'n bout!!! Tomorrow may be a different story. Stay tuned.


  1. We have a big storm headed this way about 1600. That might get a bit exciteious.

  2. You got the "Blogger Blues",,,Like me. I agree with you all the way, can't keep writing EVERY day, about nothing! I think it's helped me to skip a few days, and even on the reading too, do something else with my computer. I look at some of the blogs I have and don't know why I keep em. NOT YOURS!! It helps me to keep interested when the writer will answer you back after you make a comment, and I try to always do that. There's just a few that do that, and I think that's why i'm losing interest in the others.

    1. No Trouble, I ain't got no blogger blues. I could write all day long....but it would be a full page of hogwash....meaningless gibber jabber bout nuttin.
      My problem is my memory. It gets worster every day. "What was we talk'n bout a minute ago"???

    2. What is that thing you call memory? Is it good fried or baked?

      Thought I was going fishin at 1400 but the ferry line is over two miles long already. The weekenders are out in force to keep the police busy from the sound of all the sirens.

    3. What you call "meaningless gibber jabber" always puts a grin in my life, so I hope you will keep writing. Looked for your post earlier today; disappointed and thinking "no post today from Billy Bob; guess he's out and about, golfing maybe".

      Course, I don't comment every read. When I speak I'm serious/sincere, so that's when I can comment, yet my comments rarely beget a response and thinking maybe I shouldn't opened my mouth. Most bloggers don't comment or respond back...that's life, I reckon.

      I can empathize though. I can't figure how or what to write anymore. A total lack of comments though tells me no one is reading....so why write. Heck, I can as easily go back to talking to my walls...I'm very experienced doing that...they never answer me either.
      BTW I'm that Anonymous you left up the other day. Thank ye!

      All I do is gripe/complain and I guess readers got tired hearing me bitchin'.

  3. You can't quit!! I always read your blog and try to comment every day. Sometimes I don't, but when I do you seem to try to respond. I like that in a blogger and I try to respond to everyone that leaves a comment on my blog. If you quit blogging I will not comment anymore (grin).

  4. Howdy, BB. Another good post. I read your blog daily, it's always well written. Thank you for making it available! Some commenters need to put their own blog together. When was the last time you scouted out a new fish catchin' place? Happy Trails!

  5. It's hard for me to comment because I feel exactly the same way. But like many others, I read your blog and usually find something to make me laugh, or at least give me a smile. You are a public service poster, so I hope you don't quit!

  6. I read and enjoy your blog daily. Typically brings a smile and maybe a laugh the way you tell it. I like the writing style and would miss your daily ramblins. But I understand as I too spend too much time in front of the computer. I'll be here as long as you want to ramble about your life.

  7. Yea BB we all read about your antics but sometime we are in a hurry to move on too....Ohh wait that dam wind from tropical storm Andrea is blowing about 45mph and awning is out....

  8. You may think nobody reads your jibber jabber but they do. I keep a browser open on my ipad just for your blog. I look forward to it every day and feel like I am missing something when you take the day off from your blog! Keep up the great work even though you do not think it is great.


  9. Howdy, I read your blog every day too....Much better than listening to my own mind...Great days..good days..some not so much....Guess that's life..eh?

  10. hey BB I also read everyday...dont comment much...but you always make me laugh :)

  11. BB, we read you every day, but seldom comment, But we are out here keeping up with you daily.

    Bigfoot & Littlefoot

  12. Same here BB...read ya every mornin...but seldom comment cause I could never make one as well as you do! Always know I will have a good chuckle whilst readin your blog!

  13. "A couple times I even forget my own phone number." This is not the sign of old age nor a bad memory it is the sign of an intelligent man.

    One of Einstein's colleagues asked him for his telephone number one day. Einstein reached for a telephone directory and looked it up. "You don't remember your own number?" the man asked, startled.
    "No," Einstein answered. "Why should I memorize something I can so easily get from a book?

  14. i enjoy reading your blog, i read it most every day, comment every day, somtimes i even write them down here but most days my fingers don/t do the walking very well so I settle for a verbal comment. I suppose if it isn't written down you might forget what I said in my telepathic comment but my memory is heading in the same direction. I used to remember things I did when I was 6-7 years old but by the time I was 9 I seemed to forget them. I thought about blogging and even though putting thoughts in writing helps me remember I still have difficulty convincing my fingers they can do it, especially when the curser jumps in the middle of a paragraph and get my brain all confused so I don't know what I was writing. It's like my speech, I understand what I'm saying while I'm talking but I don't understand what I'm saying if I listen to a recording of something I said. Makes having a conversation tough, I don't know if the other person understands what I'm saying or is ignoring me. Staring at a computer screen beats staring in space trying to figure out where one is, space doesn't have near the input the screen has.
    If none of this makes sense, that's ok. I even enjoyed the 1/2 hour - 45 minutes it took me to say it.

  15. http://www.mapservices.org/myguestmap/

    Saw this and thought it might interest you to see where your readers live.

  16. Being a geezer and experiencing CRS....AHHHH BLISS. If I was to worry like I did 10 years ago the adrenalin & stress might make me push up daisies. I too have traded the tv screen for the computer screen. It's LIVE and mostly commercial free ! Music, tolerable health and great blogs like yours is what makes me smile. The "Readers Digest" says you can forget 1 thing a day for every decade you live!!! I'll drink to that!! Keep up the great blog!

  17. You probably won't see this comment BB since it's a day later than posted but I want you to know you are my favorite blogger! I have been reading your blog for several years, another blogger who passed away last year turned me on to it and I haven't missed a day since. Yes, some days I am not able to get to the computer but when I do get back on, I always come here and catch up on what I missed.
    You mentioned talking about your past instead of the present, I feel you are fortunate to be able to do that. I have intentionally blocked most of my childhood memories so enjoy hearing others reminisce. I was raised by my mother's parents almost from birth then was taken back at age 12 because by then they had three more kids and my mother wanted to go back to work and needed a babysitter. So I don't have fond memories of time after 12 either.
    As far as memory goes, someone wrote that older folks have trouble with their memory because so many things are stored there it is crowded and hard to pull things out exactly when we want them. I've also heard "memory, I can't recall what I had for breakfast yesterday!" I don't have that problem but it may be because of the work I do. I am a vet technician working an overnight shift 6 nights a week, I have to remember what happened during my shift even though it's documented. I can't just say " the dog in kennel b threw up at some point". They need to know exactly when this happened.
    Anyway, my suggestion is to walk down memory lane, I think we all enjoy that and then tell a little about your day, if you played golf or took a drive with Sadie or met Barney for lunch.
    I have a blog that I haven't written in for over 2 years, but I should start doing it again, one of the reasons I quit was that I didn't feel anyone was reading it and even if they were it was boring them. I was only going to stop for a couple of weeks and then go back to maybe 3 posts a week but I never got back, but I think I am going to start up again, I've gotten a couple of personal emails asking about me so someone must miss me!
    Anyway BB, hope you keep blogging on and on and you know by now you have folks reading every word, every day!

    Thanks for sharing your life with us.