Thursday, June 6, 2013

The ride

Well dang!!! I ain't got much of anything to talk bout this morn'n. Yesterday was just a so so day of take'n a ride an' do'n nuttin. Sadie Mae stayed at home in air condition'n protect'n my possessions wait'n for my return.

It all started when I finally make up my mind I need to go somewheres. Go'n to the resort town of Port Aransas, I figgered I need to wear appropriate clothes. I yanks a pair of knee length shorts out the drawer. Slips them on an'....yikes, there's them old skinny white legs. Not publicly acceptable. Shorts was replaced with Wranglers.

Arrived in Port A right bout close to noon time....I were get'n hungry. Pull "that jeep" up in the Port Aransas Business Center park'n lot an' "what the hell", a freak'n new business is there. The business center has moved.....or they out of business? Like a fool, I asked directions instead of run'n all over town look'n for 'em. Got my mail an' headed on down to the Port A Liquor store to buy me some smokes. What the hell, it ain't Port A Liquor no more. This world is mov'n way too fast for the old Billy Bob. People sell'n stuff an' mov'n without tell'n me.

I pointed "that jeep" at the beach, just to prove I had been there. First street I hang a left an' head back to the ferry landing. I'm out of here. Sides that, I'm hungry.

Pull up in front of OFM Barney's house.....he's home. Clean'n bout a 3 month supply of trash an' garbage out of the passenger seat, chicken bones an' such, me an' Barney head for the Bakery Cafe downtown Aransas Pass. I ain't ate there in bout 15 year, so I were expect'n the worst. WRONG......that were some damn good catfish an' corn. The taters sucked. Iced tea actually taste like tea.

Then we took us a ride. Go look at a couple kayak lauch'n sites....as Barney calls them. All the while he tell'n me how easy it would be to launch a hunnert horsepower "bubba boat". I'm think'n Barney is try'n to get me to go boat'n with him. Not a bad idea consider'n all I do is sit on my ass back at "da house" do'n nuttin. I enjoyed that ride.
As always, a day spent with Barney is a good day. 

Next came Walmart.....after I dump Barney back at his house. I got me some groceries to buy. Check out all the stuff on the other side of the store what I cain't do without. Didn't buy a damn thing....but I looked. Two hour and another hunnert dollar deposit in Walmart's bank account, I was ready for some relief. My foot an' toe hurted, my back an' hip was kill'n me....I'm out of here.

That was my excit'n day. The remainder of the day was talk'n my little grand niece (?) into put'n the groceries up so's I would have room on the couch to lay down. A fresh pot of coffee, two 500mg aspirin down, I'm good to go. Or so I thought. I din't get no nap. Didn't get on the couch till bout 8pm. Damn computer. Google is yer best friend ya know.

No plans have been made for today, but I bet ya a dollar I'm gonna do something....constructive or not. Too damn hot to be climb'n on the roof. A/C repair is out. Won't be do'n that today. "So Billy Bob, just what are ya gonna do"??? I don't know. I honestly don't know.

Sadie Mae is do'n quite well on swaller'n her antibiotics. I was think'n I would have a fight on my hands, but she likes the shit.....go figger. I look at that growth last night an' I swear, it didn't look as bad as it did a few days ago. Boy howdy I sure do hope it go away. But this morn'n, it look all terrible again. Grrrrrrr....    


  1. Sittin at B&R flats with a fishing pole in hand might be as good as sittin in Sinton on the couch. Then again maybe not. A big ole trout might grab your hook then you would naturally have to get up and land that silly fish. That would interfere with the sittin. Have fun.

  2. Lol, for someone who did not have anything to say...you wrote a book :D

    If you don't already...you need to buy Wal-Mart stock...you and the RV'ing community keep them in business!

    Glad Sadie Mae is taking her medications without a fight and I hope she gets well soon.

  3. P.S. You mention A/C repairs...what is up with that?

  4. Every time I click on your blog and see that header picture, I catch you taunting me with that chair. I found a website that sells those chairs, made in the USA so they are expensive, but they are the old fashioned kind and just what I want.

    Glad to see you up and about, going places and doing things. And seeing a friend just makes it better.