Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sadie don't feel good

"Yeee gads Billy Bob, look what the hell ya did now". I just lighted the grill....that's all.

Ya see, it's like this....I gonna eat me up some pizza bread for supper tonight. Heat 'em up on the grill for bout 30 minute...till the cheese is all melted an' the pepperoni is all shrivel up. I go outside an' turn on the grill for a warm up....bout 400 degs should be fine. Bout 8 minute is all it takes. I goes back outside with my froze pizza bread an' opens the grill. Oh crap....what the hell? Somewheres in the instructions it plainly states....fold out the plastic side table thingys before igniting burners. The fold'n little side tables are still usable. Why no roar'n plastic fire I don't know. I betcha a dollar I don't do that no more.

Anyhows, if took longer than anticipated to melt that cheese. That freak'n cookie sheet is too big, an' I ain't got nuttin smaller.......so get over it. Something bout that pizza bread taste just like burn plastic.

Poor little Sadie Mae. She lay there on the couch last night look'n all sad an' stuff. She's in pain I can tell. Got that big ol' bandage wrap around her. That got to be uncomfortable too.

Last night must have been a terrible night for her. She wake me up all night long snuggl'n up to me, poke'n her nose in my neck (cold nose)....want'n me to comfort her. This morn'n she lays on my bare feet here at the computer table.

My God lady, the guy was just hav'n a fun day with his kids....why make a federal case of it? Jesus lady, mind yer own business and mend your own ways before point'n boney fingers. Hmmmmm....weren't there a song called boney fingers? Hoyt Axton if'n I'm think'n right.

I get that way sometimes.....point'n fingers an' such. Some guy take up two park'n spaces at Walmart, break out the camera an' call the "park'n lot cops". I ain't never really done that, but I was think'n bout it. Little things like that get on our nerves an' we think "I do no wrong". Often times I don't look at my own short comings, but I keep a watchful eye out for others. "You cain't do that". But I can.

You should see me when I pull "Sally da house" in a Walmart park'n lot. I take up 6 or 8 spaces. Ya see, when I got "that jeep" hook up to "da house" we are right at something like 57 feets long......give or take.

And the winner is...... I been watch'n the Voice for the last bout 6 weeks ya know. This program/show/whatever has brung emotions out me that I thought were gone forever. I sure as hell wouldn't want to be seen in public act'n the way I was the last 3 weeks watch'n these kids get up in front of 20 million viewers. Damn, I would pee my pants if'n it was me up there. But anyhows, I'm gonna go out on a limb an' say the little 16 year old country singer will win the whole sheebang. If'n ya ain't never heard her yet, you will soon, right out of Nashville, Tennessee. Win or lose.....this girl is a *STAR*. An' that Michell girl....she ain't never gonna be in no food stamp line. 

I got all that stuff packed back in "that jeep" yesterday.  Damn, it's all fish'n an' "bubba" boat'n stuff. All pack in there in a neat pile. Dad gum goat won't be chew'n on that stuff no more. Even got room to carry my golf'n clubs in the back instead of in the front seat. I play golf just in case ya didn't know.  


  1. She doesn't come from the world of ,,live and let live,,,like we do.
    I still haven't figured out what they were doing that was so wrong.
    Not gonna even try to guess who will win tonite. Gonna really love the show, tho. CHER? omg,,wow,,,what a woman!

  2. OK, you guys got me to watching that show. I sure did like that girl with the glasses. Name? Heck, I never can remember names. Hope poor old Sadie Mae gets feeling better real soon.

  3. I feel so sorry for Sadie Mae, but she will probably feel better each day. You can tell a person what's going on with pain and how it will ease up soon, but an animal doesn't understand it that way.

  4. Howdy BB! As you, and Trouble observe...some folks are judgmental....that's just what they do. Good ol' dogs, on the other hand, are happy for another day of traipsin' around having fun. Good post, BB. Have yourself some fun. Old RB

  5. Yep that old gal has gall to complain about the guy out with his kids having fun. I bet she never catches on to the comment I made.
    Sadie will be fine if you can keep her from tearing out the stiches. Man it is hot at the PA jetty. 93 when I left about noon.

    1. I catched on to your comment from the start. I'm sure she did too. For some reason, I'm not able to comment on her blog.

      I don't think there will be a problem with her stitches. I'll beat her ass if'n she start chew'n on 'em.

      It's super hot in Sinton today. Glad I ain't fish'n on some jetty over in Port A.

  6. I'd forgotten about the finger pointer... I was shocked when I read that blog, what a rotten thing to do to someone!
    I really think people who are just not able to mind their own business, people who HAVE to tell others how to live, HAVE to force others to live their way are the reason we humans have so many wars.

    Hoyt Axton! "Speed Trap" was my favorite song by him...

  7. hi there, Sadie gonna be fine as you already know. Shiloh did fine, but I sure was worried about her. know the grill thingy was about funny as the big O bug. Stay away from walmart. have funny and be safe.

  8. Well DD, you shoulda been watching it all along, so you could give your opinions along with the rest of us. You would've had to agree with US,,tho,,,lololol

  9. Sadie be feeling better soon..
    Feel sorry for your Weber Q thou.

  10. Sadie should be feeling better each day, poor baby..Hope you remember to pull out the thing you should been doing so your pizza won't taste badly..You could cut it down and pop it into a fry pan and cook it did you know that??????????????????????? I like the VOICE just never watch it too humid where we live, besides we go for a big walk and get home exhausted about 4 miles evening time...take care, praying for Sadie to get well quickly and try the fry pan method it won't heat up your kitchen and no aggravation, we do that to pizza we got in the fridge all the time after we have already munched on it from the pizza place or even if it is frozen it will work well, just put on medium and watch it cook up!

  11. I have always treated you with respect, Billy Bob. You set up a lot of mean talk about me. If you are a decent person, you will set the record straight on my behold.


    If you read the next post in my blog, you would see that I DIDN'T TURN THE MAN IN!!! I ACTUALLY THINK IT'S WONDERFUL THAT HE SPENT THE DAY WITH HIS KIDS!

    You all owe me one heckuva big apology Why so hurtful? You don't even know me.

    ROB: "What a rotten thing to do?" ASKING FOR OPINIONS IS ROTTEN?
    BARNEY: "Yep, that ol gal has the gall to complain...." I DIDN'T COMPLAIN!
    ANONYMOUS: "Some folks are judgmental" I DIDN'T JUDGE!
    TROUBLENTX: "She doesn't come from the world of live and let live like we do." WHAT? I LET THE MAN LIVE, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE.

    Can you people who criticized my recent post and who insulted me personally READ? I didn't say anything against the man with the net. I simply posed a question? In order to have a discussion. Does that mean I deserve your insults?

    Why can't bloggers and their readers be supportive of each other instead of twisting things around so to find some way to hurt a person?

  12. Sorry for the typo, I meant "behalf" not "behold."

  13. BB~I burnt mine, too. First thing I read when I opened it was "Do not light with lid shut". duh!