Monday, August 22, 2016

Alive an' breath'n, but I feel dead...I need a rest

Ok, I'm gonna try this an' see if'n I can catch ya up on thee abuse an' shit I been put'n myself through.
I'm think'n I'm almost dead.

Ok, let's start off with the radiator flush on the "billy jeep". I think I left off on Robert removing the thermostat and flush'n out the cooling system with water. Think'n it may have been 4 fills, run the motor and drain, until we had clear water. That's called a dilution flush. An' I'm gonna do it again.

Two days ago I goes out there an' pour a bottle of cooling system chemical flush in the radiator. Runned the engine on full hot for 30 minutes. Not onest, but three times.....think'n the chemical flush would break loose stuff between engine running. I betcha a dollar I was right. Ok, let the water cool down enough to drain it an' do another dilution flush. For the next couple hours I done that. I got clear water. "Good job Billy Bob".
Before we get too far, I'm a tickler for the installation of the engine thermostat. "PUT IT IN RIGHT". I sit's on the deck look'n at the thermostat a hunnert time to make sure the gasket is on the correct way an' I goes under the car an' install the thermostat. Pour in the correct amount of expensive antifreeze an' cranks up the engine. In less than 10 minutes the engine is get'n too hot. WTH, that means what the hell?, do I have a air lock or......is the thermostat in backards.

Yesterday morn'n, I'm out there drain'n antizreeze into a big ol' pan. I yanks the two bolt hold'n the thermostat housing....the freak'n tstat is backards. I swear, this is the first time in my life I have ever made this mistake. Reinstalled it correctly this time, bolt it back together an' fill up with antifreeze. Crank engine....Yeeee Haa, engine temp is perfect. Heater is put'n out heat.

Oh shit, let's back up to a couple days ago. When I push the ac button on the dash, I ain't got no ac. WTH, there's a little tiny hole in the rubber discharge line off the compressor. Somehows, I have destroyed a perfectly good hose. Auto Zone just down the street has one. No they didn't, but they said the Auto Zone a few more miles down the street has one. Nope they don't, but they said they have 2 in Douglasville.....25 mile down the street the other way. Pick one up the next day, installed the sucker.....by removing the front of the car. Evacuated an' recharged. We got ac.

Ok, where were we....Oh yeah....the "billy jeep is done". 

In just 3 days of expert automotive repairs, my arms are covered with big ass purple, red, violet an' a shade of girly pink. My hips, my lower back, backside my thighs an' bottom leg muscles feels like I been pounded with sledge hammers. I over did the entire process.

But I didn't stop there. "Yo mama, pull yer car up right here". I'm gonna start fix'n her a/c. Put some pag oil an' dye in the system. Add 2 cans of R-134a, crank it up an' let 'er run for a bit....hour or so. It'a got to be a rather good size leak cause a week or so ago Robert put some freon in it an' it's all gone. You ain't never gonna believe where the compressor is located. Ha Ha, if'n you guessed under the engine, you win. Anyhows, when it got darker outside I breaks out my ultraviolet light thingy an' searched for leaked out dye. It shows up florescent yeller. Very easy to see. Ha, Ain't fount no leak yet. I'm stunned. Leaks do NOT hide from the old Billy Bob. 
So here what we gonna do. Button everthing back up an' see how long the charge lasts....then check again for the leak. "Yo mama, ya need to drive yer car".

That's all I done, what was way way too much for a 3 day period. I'm suffer'n something terrible. 

Hey, did I mention my feet ain't swolled up no more? I'm think'n the magnesium did the trick. Still ain't drink'n no water, so it ain't that. Got to be the magnesium. 
Breathing is stil do'n good. In fact, I got one them suck in air breath'n thingys that tell ya how much ml's your lungs hold. In the last week I am up 500+ mls to 2250ml. I'm think'n that's a great increase from a month ago. I think I love my new doctor.     


  1. Sure is nice to get an aggressive doctor who believes in treating stuff. Hope you keep getting better as time goes along.

  2. Alive & breathing is a good start anyday!

  3. Yeah, your new doctor! Next appointment, you are going to have to take her a bunch of flowers or a box of fancy chocolates! LOL
    When you get to feeling better, you're suppose to ease back into wrestling alligators, again.

  4. Things are coming together again, you fixing things, breathing better and arms turning red and purple just like mine way to go Billy Bob.

  5. I asked my Dermatologist today about those horrible red-blue bruises on my arms. He said they are due to the thinning of the skin on the part of your body which was exposed to the sun. That evidently makes your blood vessels weak and they leak when too much pressure is applied. I was hoping he would have a miracle cream to make them go away faster. but he didn't He called them solar actinitoses.

  6. hi BB. you keep on felling better and better i will be looking forward to see that gnome house and then reading about your next adventure to visit your other kids and grand kids , it is so much fun reading about your travel adventures . and then after that my old car can probably use a good 3 or 4 dilution flushes . and lets not forget that falcon lake 14 pounder bass fish waitting for you .and getting all bruised up in your case is a great sign of the old BB. coming back to the good old BB. and i am with judy about buying that good looking young lady doctor a box of chocolates . i bet even though she's good looking i bet she does not get material thanks very often. take care BB.

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