Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Updated with pics....One down, bout 3 to go. Projects that is.

Well here goes nuttin. I'm gonna take a few minutes an' see what I can write to get your attention.

Ok, the dog house project is finished. Well as finished as it's gonna be. Pic in a few minutes when I get me up enough energy to go outside an' take a pic. Maybe I'll just wait till HIL Harry put's the dogs in the back yard.

Well poop, Blogger won't allow me to post any photos right now. Maybe later.

Yesterday all 4 dogs used their new condo as though they had paid high dollar rent on it. Well, all except for the smallest dog Levi. He decides it's much cooler UNDER the deck than lay'n on the deck. He digged a hole. Now I got a hole to fix.

I breaked out my Walmart special hatchet, my Walmart special electric chain saw an' I started my new project...the gnome house. Holy crap, this oak stump piece is rotten. 

This is the add on kitchen what will be attached to the stump in the ground. Gnomes do cook....right? 

Boy howdy let me tell ya. When a man over do's his abilities, he has a price to pay. And the old Billy Bob over do'ed it an' I been pay'n the price for the last 4 5 days. Have ya ever go to bed way more earlier than usual an' you're still wide awake at 3.....4 oclock in the morn'n? You know, your brain filled with so much weird stuff ya just can't go to sleep. Or ya falls a sleep only to be waked up bout 14 times throughout the night with backards leg cramps?

Ya see, I been intend'n to make a appointment with my back pain doctor, but my God, I just been too busy that I plumb forget. My nerves what was killed a while back, have come back to life. An' they says...."Do ya feel this Billy Bob"?
With that said, I now have a problem. The family camp'n trip is this weekend. "Yo Mama" an' HIL Harry is go'n on a trip to Texas in a few days for don't know how long they gonna be gone. Robert an' DIL Mandi are go'n on vacation next week for something like 10 days....????, hell I don't know. I can't drive the "billy jeep" 'cause I ain't been to the DMV to change it over to Georgia to be legal. I have no ride to the doctor. Wll I do, but the last time my daughter Doris Lynn drived me to a doctor, she abandoned me an' my son Billy at the IHOP bout 30 miles from home. Anyhows, I need attention on my backside again. 

I been do'n great on my breath'n. The one an' only piece of equipment in my body what don't repair itself, an' I got it. My lungs will never be good as new, so don't even suggest it. I rekon I'm stuck at 37% until things get worser. But by God, I can breath again. An' I feel soooo much better. Eat'n up a storm.
Swiched over to a new med this morn'n. Symbicort 160/4.5 for all my internet nurses out there. It has side effects.....I hate side effects. An' for all you "rinse yer mouth" people out there, the instructions highly stress...in bold black letters....RINSE YER MOUTH.  

Family camp'n trip. Dang, I don't want to go. When my kids said "let's go camp'n" I was think'n a camp'n trip, not a dad gum super planned out high dollar trip to the orient with bookings to the Taj Mahaw with chefs an' servants at your bekon call. Menues are planned. Excursions are planned. Seating arrangements are planned. Games are planned. They are bring'n CD players with big speakers. Most conversation will be done by text messaging....I hate cell phones. 
"Damn Billy Bob....ya old fart, let's go camp'n".

Well shoot, "yo mama's" car done run out of air cond freon an' she ain't got no a/c. Hope I can find the leak....but not today. 

Ok, that's it for this time. See's ya laters....


  1. Glad you finished the doghouse but why do you rush yourself? Take it easy.

    At least you are doing a bit better on your breathing. Will pop in later to check out the pics of the finished product. I too am having problems posting pictures but this time it is my old computer and not Blogger.

  2. At least you keeping busy, maybe goin camping anyway I think.

  3. hi BB. the tv weather and news are saying that there might be a hurricane ( hermine ) going through main land florida and straight through georgia and the carolinas all the way up to possibly new york . you better come to texas to do your family camping trip . maybe you and your family can go camping with Yo Mama and hil harry and go to austin and visit your other kids and grand kids and who know's ? maybe even great grand kids . keep up you good works , take care .

  4. you are the man bb! that is some doghouse. wish it was in my yard. lol thanks for the pics. now to see what the gnome house will look like. i just want to know where you are going to get the gnome to rent it?

  5. It appears everything is going well for you. Hope your progress continues. What a fine looking "Animal House". Might you be 'for Hire'? I have seven little boogers needing an animal hotel w/amenities. LOL. Now duck low if that hurricane comes through your place.

  6. hi BB. can i ask you what kind of roofing material did you use on the dog house ? was it Asphalt Roll Roofing material ? and do you have any plans to stain or paint your dog house ? because i think georgia receives some rain once and a while .have fun camping this weekend and stay dry .

  7. bb, i also see where you did some landscaping around the hound house. nice touch with the roses. did you charge extra??

  8. I too am having problems posting pictures but this time it is my old computer and not Blogger.
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