Friday, August 26, 2016

Project mode.....Hot damn, ride 'em cowboy!!!

This post will contain very litte "talk'n bout stuff".

Ya see, sit'n round sip'n up cups an' do'n some think'n, projects come to mind.
A couple months ago while read'n drama on Face Book, some dude posted a photo of a really cool dog house. Robert has 4 dogs that will stand out in the rain until somebody comes to rescue them. They need a dog house.

Ok, this is nice, but for only one big dog. Modifications are in order.

 Night #1 Deck is finished 48" wide x  9 foots long (dog house 48 x 42)
 Night #2 Dog house framed
Afternoon #3 Holy cows, I got ever thing trimmed out an' half the roof in place.

Having to take a break 'cause I done over did it again. "Ya ain't supposed to be work'n that hard Billy Bob....I'm gonna tell yer "another new" doctor an' she gonna tell ya a thing or two".

Three days ago, me, Robert an' one my other sons Billy takes off to my doctor appointment for lung function tests. All went good but lung function is NOT good. With the meds, I've increased fron 32% to 37.5% (stage 3 COPD). Oh yeah, afore I fergit, a new lady come in an' give me the good news an' also the bad. Very nice people work at this place. Next appointment is 4 months from today. I'm hope'n for additional improvement, but the nice lady don't think that will happen. We'll see. 

Did I post a pic of the gnome house I found on the internet? 

This is just a idea. I've already made me a bunch of modifications....a add on kitchen, inset door an' windows. Should look much better than this one. Oh yeah, Billy bringed his chain saw over yesterday an' we cut the roof slopes. Will post pics as we progress. But first I got a dog house to finish....an' paint.

Laters.....see ya.


  1. The picture of the Gnome house looks pretty. Will be interesting to see what you will do with it. That's going to be a nice looking dog house, too. Amazing what 5.5% increase in breathing does for a fellow. I don't think you are quite in alligator-wrestling shape yet but it appears like you are getting there. Just don't push too hard and end up in worse shape than you were before you started breathing better.

  2. Love that dog house, hope to see the finished pics soon.
    Keep thats breathing improvements going soon you be almost new again!

  3. hi BB.( over doing it ) in your case is a good thing , you do your best work that way . i sure am looking forward to seeing picture of your finished projects . looking good so far . also it would not mind seeing some pictures of the carpenters billy and bob ( robert ) and good old red neck BB. as you are in the building process . keep up the great work all 3 of you's .

  4. Got to make dog houses really nice because married folks will, sooner or later, wind up "in the dog house".

  5. I love that dog house!

    If I had your building skills I would build one for Pedrito.