Tuesday, February 23, 2010

After the storm

Boy howdy what a grand look'n day. There ain't a ripple on the water and sun shin'n like ya don't know what. What more could ya want after all that wind and clouds we had yesterday?

See that chair??? That the sucker what throwed me on the ground. When I get over this mess, that chair go'n in the dumpster. 

Now that I'm up and mov'n round a bit, think I'll go outside and rake the yard.
Speak'n of rak'n the yard, Lug Nut was gold prospect'n.
 Speak'n of gold prospect'n....did I ever tell ya bout the time? Me and Boudreaux  was "dig'n dirt" up at Goler canyon and throw'n it in the Gold Machine. Well there weren't no gold in that dirt. Boudreaux liked to dig so he fount him a dig'n place under a bush....dug out a big ole pile. I says what the heck...run it through the machine. Yep....gold. Enough for me to do some my own dig'n under that bush. Yep...no gold. I sure do miss that 30,000 mile "dirt dig'n" dog and dig'n dirt myself. But "shit happens". He died and old Billy Bob can't dig no more.

Did I tell ya bout that fish I almost caught yesterday? Well it's like this...the wind was blow'n up a storm and old Billy Bob was sit'n in "da house" look'n out the winder at them fish poles. I went outside to check them and the lines was all tangle up...what the hell? I reels them in and on the end of one line was this big ole bass fish. Nice one. Well....ya know what gonna happen. Along with that cheap fish 4# fish line and them damn reeds....fish gone....poooof...just like that. Now....how the hell a bass git on my trout fish line???

Well shoot....now I got mouses in "da house". That what Lug Nut been go'n nuts over. He hear things I don't. Set me out a couple traps with peanut butter as bait and caught me up 2 them little critters in the first hour. Better than fish'n. Rekon I better buy me some them electronic gobber-do's next trip to Walmart.


  1. Looks like you fixed yer computer.

    About the chair, why do you think I brought my own chair to sit on. It didn't all that sturdy.

  2. yea, BB, I HAD some of those chairs, HAD is the right word. Dammed cheap Wal-Mart crap.

    Find you one that has automatic leveling system. That'll hold ya.

  3. Truth be known Lug Nut was digging under the back while BB was sitting in the chair and it fell back in the hole.

  4. Hay BB I was at Harbor Freight today and they have those good chairs with a little table on the side on sale real cheap.

    I think what you need to do is teach Lug Nut to fish, then you can just take the fish off the hook,and bait the line for him.

  5. Ogt....all I did was to reset the router back to factory specs.

    Ben...that chair ain't cheap. Think I paid bout $5 for it. It's the better chair for my back problems, but the damn thing just fall over all by itself.

    Dave....Lug Nut got the whole front yard full of holes....I fill 'em, he digs 'em.

    River....bought me one then chairs with a little table. Didn't like it at all....so it went in the dumpster.

    Fish'n was excellent today....more bout that tomorrow.