Friday, February 19, 2010

What day it is???

One my favorite thoughts is that yesterday is gone...poof...just like that. Don't waste your time try'n to figger out what went wrong. Today is a new day....a beautiful day. "My God Billy Bob, what the hell are ya talk'n bout"???

This morn'n I pull myself out of bed wonder'n if'n I gonna make it of not. Sleep didn't come easy last night with the excitement of catch'n a bunch of fish today and my back hurt'n. After the first pot of coffee, I notice my back feel'n much better. Since I took me a bunch of cranberry pills yesterday, I'm think'n I might have a kidney infection or something like that. Will know in a couple more days.

I come "this" close to eat'n catfish for dinner tonight. Had him all the ways up to the bank and he took a run to the reeds. That where I lose my dinner. But I gots two small trout in the bag to go with some fried green beans cook in bacon grease with some onion and broke up bacon. Tater wedges on da side.

All them trout they turn loose yesterday is hid'n somewhere. Although, I did catch a couple this morn'n....ain't hide nor hair since. Ain't nobody catch'n any.

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  1. Ok, BB, you got to update your blog if nuthing more than put the right date in it. We all know you are catching fish and too busy to fool with puter, but come on man.. Git with it!!!