Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It cold in here

Boy howdy....it's cold in here. Bout 6am right on the dot, Lug Nut was do'n his danc'n act this morn'n want'n out NOW. He was in need....mark bushes and stuff. Well, I says...."turn on the heat and make some coffee". Ok. But I ain't got no heat. Propane gone...pooof....just like that. Hmmmmm....where it at??? Leak out Billy Bob...ya got a leak. Do ya suppose that why my BIG tank run out?

Any hows, now I have a good excuse to put in the slide outs, pick up the rest my junk, hook up "that jeep" and hit the road. Or...I could run down to the propane sell'n place and buy some more propane....but shoot, it gonna leak out too. Yeah, I know, leak test'n time.

Did I tell ya bout what I did yesterday? Had only three things to do...put some gas in "that jeep", fill my water jugs and dump the trash. I pull up to the gas pumps....no problem. Then I go's round to get water....big motorhome block'n the faucets. So's I head over to the dumpster....unbuckle my safety harness (seat belt), shut the engine off, climb out and open the back door where the trash bags at....hey, where my trash??? Forgot it...back at da house. Sheesh!!!....get'n old sucks.

Will be back laters....got some stuff to do. Head'n to da pond.

9:30am....well shoot, that didn't take long. Only thing left to do is dismantle the satellite dish and hoop up "that jee[". So....I'm out of here!!!!

3:30PM....well I want ya lookie here. I done been all over southern Ca....well all that is between El Centro and Yuma Az. Then I went to some God forsak'n lake what was suggested by a fellow camper...Mitrey Lake or something like that. Went I got there...I see water...way the hell over there. Drove for miles look'n for a space big enough for "Sally da house" but there weren't none. All fill up with Prevo's and Greyhound busses. Then....there weren't no place to turn around....I mean none. Drove all the way to the Yuma Test Grounds before I was able to turn this long sucker back the other way. Pull in one spot I thought I might stay at for a few days. Hey...the water is 1/4 mile away and is that mud I see over there?

So's....here what I done. Left Mitrey Lake the same way I came in and drove a few miles to "da pond". That where I am and that where I gonna stay....till they tell me I have to go. But....Hazel told me most of the spots were empty....that what she said. Well, old Billy Bob is parked right next to the road what ain't no park place. But it is now....till the run me off....or a better site come available. Almost turn "Sally" over com'n down that hill back there. Sheesh....wrong entrance.

I don't know what happen between last year and now, but there are reeds...or what ever they call them...all growed up in my "secret hole". Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob??? I were think'n blow'n up that rubber boat under my bed and go'n out there and cut them suckers down. But who gonna help old Billy Bob out the water? I sure's hell don't wanna drown in 4 feet water.

Gonna catch me a fish!!!!


  1. Sorry I missed ya BB. Had planned to stop by the Slabs and visit a day or so but that storm was acoming fast and I was afraid we would get held up for several days. I will see you later in the year in Demmings.
    I have family in the FW Tx area that we will be visiting with in Sept.-Oct. so we may stop by and say Hi.
    I bet the fishing is good in Yuma.

  2. Well BB,, at least you are away from Da Slabs and that poison water and near the fishing hole. I betta end up grabbing you a place with access to the fishin in no time flat. Once you get all settled in and start yanking them fist out lets see some pictures.
    You get your propane leak fixed?