Sunday, February 21, 2010

Terrible Saturday

Holy cows!!! What the hell??? Where me other shoe??? Here fishy fishy fishy.

Let me tell ya.....this crap sucks!!! My freak'n computer is do'n weird stuff, had a spend yesterday lay'n on the floor, could'n catch no fish, Lug Nut got loose and I missed a 3 foot putt. Gonna have to do something different.

Now this computer...the damn thing is turn'n off my internet connection all by it self. Then it says "I can't find any connections". What the hell is that??? I'm think'n I maybe got me one them virus thingys somewhere and my virus protection is in kahoots with it. I reset the router back to factory settings, rebooted the pc, ran a virus scan....nothing. Hell....I don't know.

Yeah...yesterday was spent on da floor. Something ain't right. Another sleepless night (friday) and barely able to get the coffee pot brewing. Much less go outside and throw them poles in the water. So....I got to think'n. Everything was ok till I fell out that chair. Now, if'n ya fall out a chair, especially if you're old and loose, something gonna happen. Even though I'm a tough old guy, I ain't make out of cast iron no more. I rekon I done went and pull some muscles or pop one them disc's out of place. This morning I feel a little better than yesterday, so we gonna see what happen.

Now let me tell ya bout this damn camera. There was a big bird fly'n round what was steal'n my fish....just fly down to the water and pick one up. I took some pics of him fly'n round and was gonna post one, but when I went look'n for them...they was gone. Not on the card and not in the camera memory. So where the hell is my pics???

Caught me up two fish yesterday for last nights supper, but ate biscuits and bacon instead. Now, the reason I done that was so I would have something to eat tonight...just in case there ain't no fish caught today. I know what I'm do'n!!!

Later or not..............


  1. BB, coming from the hatchery them fish is fat and dumb. Fat because the hatchery stuffs them with as much as they will eat, so it will take a few days before they start gettin hungry and then they will eat anything that even comes close to the water. Dumb because they don't know any better than to swim around close to the surface, in the hatchery that's where the food is, they'll learn after a few of them get caught by the birds. If'n I were in your spot, I'd rest for a couple days and let my back heal and by then them fish are gonna be beggin to be caught.

  2. BB, I got the same thing on my computer for a while.virus comes in an email and turns your connection off.

    this is how I fixed it.

    goto the little picture botton right of the computer screen with the globe behind it,

    click on it , goto wireless connection. and then you have 3 choices. click on properties
    you will have to allow windows and then the screen will pop up and you will see two tabs

    click on sharing, you will see 2 boxes if any of them are checked then that is your problem. uncheck both of them.

    click ok at bottom of screen then exit out of all programs you have running. open up explorer and goto
    tools and clear out your browsing history then ex out of that explorer screen.

    go to disk clean up and clean up your disk

    then goto disk defragmenter and do that.

    All that before you shut off your computer

    then start back up and see if that solved your problem.

    if it didnt I dont know what to tell you. and by no means allow explorer to store passwords. just type them in every time.

    I think its a explorer hack / or yahoo hack that uses email to access others computers remotely.

  3. Lugnut been fooling with the camera agin? :-)

  4. Actually, I think that it is an Internet Explorer hack.

  5. IE Sucks! Now BB, is that bird on this thread the one stealing all the fish? If so that ain't no bird its an alien craft of some kind. Coming from New Mexico you should know that.