Thursday, February 18, 2010

Broke down back

oy howdy!!! That fall out that chair did a number on me. All day long all I did was sit an moan how bad I got it. Can't stand up straight and every time I take a breath of life giving air it's like a knife blade pok'n me right here.
First I thought it were my kidneys so's I been double dos'n on cranberry pills....to no avail.

Today the fish guy showed up and dump a load of fish in the pond. They was swim'n out cross that water like they was "free".

Well, that didn't do much good for old Billy Bob 'cause they was all on the other side scoot'n for cover. I did manage to snag me up one, but it was too little. Bout 3 bite, that sucker be gone. I rekon fish'n will be better after them fish figger out the only food they gonna get, old Billy Bob put on that hook. Ya don't rekon they might be a mite shocked after the ride to "da pond" do ya??? With the temps (80 degs) I would imagine them fish ain't gonna live very long. Sure wish I were somewhere that's cooler. This heat is git'n to me. Make me sweat and smell like a goat....and I ain't us'n my precious coffee water for a shower. I'm think'n I may make it back to Deming where I can take a loooong shower.

I were gonna not shave till I was catch'n fish...just let it grow out and look like a old timey prospector. Well, since I have one fish under my belt, I just shave off a little bit. Now I gonna look like a billy goat.

All is well 'cept'n for my back giv'n me a fit. Maybe tomorrow it be better.


  1. BB, if you'd been smart you would have been over there with a net under that spout. You'd have been eating fish for months.

    Hope the back is better in the morning.

  2. BB, I bet you broke a rib or two when you fell. The last time I did that, I couldn't get out of bed without a lot of pain for over a week. I wondered where you were, because you were not posting until late in the day...Take care of yourself.

  3. Hey Anonymous,, first place your British post if WRONG,, that is NOT a Prius in the video, I got one and that is NOT one.

  4. HAHA, that video was funny! although Id have to say, they didnt have permission to video the Prius and they used a yaris instead. It looked kind of like a prius but not quite. The video was pretty unfair,and taking advantage of kicking toyota while its going through some trouble at the time. But, everytime the guy said billy bob this and billy bob that, I was cracking up.