Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ain't do diddly squat

That what I gonna do....nuttin.

Had an old ugly "tom" cat live in the basement one time what were call Clyde. He were the biggest old tom cat I ever saw....and mean...let me tell ya. When that cat bite ya, ya knowed ya was bit.....blood and stuff. He come out from under a box of something and just bite ya for no reason. Well, I took a lik'n to that old cat. Start talk'n to him....."gd cat", "here kitty...gd cat", "oh shit...gd cat", "git off me....gd cat. He attack who ever go in the basement and that where I did my "mak'n stuff" and think'n.  After a while he would just sit there and stare at me with them big ol' green eyes....then he would come out and say "ya wanna fight"???

Bought a house up in the holler and stated mov'n in. Every time we go back to the old place for another load, there was Clyde sit'n on the porch...just look'n.....ready to strike.....like a snake. A week went by and the kids were ask'n bout old Clyde..."are we gonna go back and get Clyde"? Well we did. I still carry the marks to prove it.

Clyde jump out the car and look around...."is this my new house"??? He inspect everything. Then he start mark'n stuff....."this is mine"....squirt...."this is mine too"....squirt. He done mark every bush, tree and fence post on the place. Since there weren't no basement, Clyde slept in the kitchen...or any other place he felt fit to plant hisself. Ya didn't mess with Clyde.

In the holler lived a pack of wild dogs what would roam day and night kill'n anything they could find. Chickens, turkeys, gooses, stray cats and little dogs. Well Clyde done mark his territory and that was his. He lit into one them dogs and send that dog down the road....just like that. Then he got a nuther one. Weren't no time at all and them wild dogs were gone...never see them again.
Clyde was a good cat.

Did up the dishes yesterday so it was a good day. Sit outside on "da porch", soak up some sunshine, sip'n a cup and think'n.

Billy Bob ain't feel'n so good so he ain't in no hurry to load up "Sally da house" and move. So....don't get to think'n that just 'cause I say I gonna go somewhere or do something that it gonna happen right now. Neighbor lady come over and says, "Billy, you look like ya gonna die". "Are ya eating"??? "Doughnuts aren't food". "What's that smell"??? "When the last time you took a bath"??? "Do you want me to rub your back"??? "You need to walk"!!! That did it....I ain't gonna walk no where. What the hell is she think'n? 

Got myself up early this morning....just 'cause. It ain't like I have something press'n to do today, Just another day. But I been think'n....


  1. BB, gotta be careful about those ole Wider wemmens!! She may have her cap set on you.

    here in good ole Texas, it is a good day to be playing some puter game or watching an old movie. BUT first off , some homemade Nachos.. Done my way. be sure and let us know when you do decide to head out to new stomping grounds.

  2. you aint been eatin styrofoam muffins again have ya?

    hope ya feel better.

  3. OK Billy Bob, Saturday morning. Time for you to check in or we gonna send over some more widder womens to check on you!!