Thursday, February 11, 2010

Free fish

Got to say....just love the comments I get. Beano????

Holy cows....it were cold this morning. I were all wrap up in my blankets and Lug Nut started his danc'n routine again. Winders were all fogged up...couldn't see a thing. Crank the heat up to 85 degs....just kid'n River. Put on a pot of coffee and work'n on get'n that other eye open. Gonna be a good day...I can see it now.

Yesterday night just before sundown, I throwed a line in the water with bait tied to the end and low and behold...I catched my first "illegal" fish. I look at it and says..."what ya gonna do with that fish Billy Bob"??? Well shoot, I'm gonna eat it. What I did.

Today I got to make that trip to Walmart and buy me a fish license. When ya get older, like I done, ya start to think'n bout go'n to jail and stuff like that. In the great State of Arizona they sell us a "tourist" license for bout $35 what last for 4 months...trout stamp included. That is part of the cost for "free fish".

When I were talk'n bout a propane leak, I weren't talk'n a big leak. I'm think'n when I hooked up my little tank, that where the leak were. But, yes, I gonna check all the fit'ns just to make sure. Where my Bic???

I rekon I'll be back later.....


  1. Well BB, since you ate the evidence I guess they can't bust you for that one. Course the game warden is probably monitoring your blog so they can catch you red handed sooner or later. OGT is probably a secret game warden agent.

  2. That the best kind of fish, one you DIDN'T pay for!!

  3. Shhhhh, Dept of fish and game have been working on ole BB for 2 years now and you wanna blow my cover?