Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Burnt chili

My God Billy Bob, what the hell did ya do to the chili?
"Well, it like this....I were outside watch'n my fish pole when I doze off and all sudden I hears "smoke"
Ya ain't gonna eat it are ya?
"And exactly what do you suppose I gonna eat since I ain't catch no fish"

That's the way it happen... I ate burnt chili for dinner.... and yes it sucked.

Speak'n of burnt beans....my first one wife liked to cook stuff "fast". I were lean'n on the fence talk'n to my neighbor and he holler..."there's smoke com'n out your kitchen...should I call the fire department"??? I just and says...no, that's ok, my wife is just cook'n dinner. She had put a pot of pintos on high heat and went back to watch'n t/v. Need I say more???


  1. aint yer solar oven workin in yuma?

  2. Hey! I Have used my smoke detectors here in the house for years, to let me know when sumthing is done!

  3. My eX thought there was only one heat on the electric range and that was HIGH. Like to have burned the house down like that several times. Ever seen bacon fryin in a read hot pan? POOF and there goes the flames, blackened sealing and me running out the front door with a flaming pan.

  4. And I thought I was the only one.

    Yeah Ben, I agree...smoke detectors are much more accurate than a thermometer.

    NASA...we have a problem. It seems water (from rains) has warped the solar reflectors. All cooking has been diverted back to the old method of propane and a "hot" skillet.