Saturday, August 18, 2012

A bucket list

Up early this morn'n. Well, not really early, but earlier than what I been get'n up. Sure will be glad when I can get back on my normal schedule of get up before 7am.

Have ya ever watch the movie "Bucket List"? I were flip'n channels last night bout 11:30pm and start watch'n this movie. It's a must see for anyone walk'n down that last road. It would also be entertaining for the younger generation.

I've often heared people talk bout their bucket lists. Once I say to myself...."what the hell is a bucket list". I were think'n it was something like a list of goals....or something like that. But after watch'n that movie, I got to make me a "bucket list"....and then start scratch'n stuff off the list.

One thing I always been want'n to do is bungee jump. Don't matter if'n it's off'n some high bridge or off a big ol' crane stick'n up in the air a hunnert feets.....I wanna do that. One time a few year back (bout 20), I waited in this long line at a carnival what had come to town. They had a big ol' crane set up an' "holy crap", people was jump'n off that thing. Bounce up and down a few times, get off, grab a beer an' say "did ya see that"? When I finally come to the head of that long line....after wait'n for bout a hour or so, the guy says to me "why ya was wear'n a back brace and on a walker". Hell no they didn't let me jump.....bastards.

Anyhows, the old Billy Bob is gonna do some serious think'n and make himself one them bucket lists. Know'n how my mind works, I'm think'n I'm gonna die from "skeered to death" before I scratch off the first 2 items on the list.

Ok, here's the deal. Today I got to start finishing up with load'n up all my junk. Got the twin grandsons, Tim and Nick, and my son Robert to give me a help'n hand......hee hee hee...."put it over there Tim and Nick". Tuesday is still my planned departure day, so's I only got me 3 days to complete this much dreaded task. Hate put'n stuff back where it goes. Know what I mean??