Thursday, August 30, 2012

Busted battery......

Ok, so here's the deal. I were look'n at the front of "that jeep". What the hell is that stuff on it? I rubs my finger over the fender and bumper.....hmmmm, smell just like battery acid. So's I go investigating. One of my house batteries is got a hole in it. Leaked out the acid while go'n down the road a hunnert mile a hour and it go back there and get all over "that jeep". It appears, after a wash job, that the paint has not been damaged.
"See Billy Bob, I tole ya a long time ago to secure the batteries so they don't jump all over the place an' poke a hole in one". Yeah, yeah, yeah....I hear ya.

Now comes the decision. If'n ya know anything bout batteries, ya don't mix 1 new with 3 old ones. Batteries are $107 each here in Deming, so that would mean another $428 plus tax for a complete set. Or I could just replace the broke one and suffer buying a new set "down the road a piece" in bout 2 more years. Damn, decisions decisions decisions.

Another decision I have to make is what to do with this beautiful brand spank'n new floor in "da house". The few days I have been in west Texas and Deming, I have tracked in bout a gallon bucket of desert sand. No wait...it were Sadie Mae what did it. I'm think'n cover the floor in the liv'n/kitchen area with some beautiful brand spank'n new vinyl flooring. I had give some thought to Pergo flooring, what is harder than any steel knowed to man, but that would add more extra weight. I got to do something before I destroy the walnut flooring. A note here to the rv'ers. Never....and I mean never, install a real wood floor in your rig. "that's all I have to say bout that"....GUMP.

Was a mite cold again last night after being 90 degrees all day long yesterday. I mean to tell ya right now, 56 degs is 2 blanket weather. Or it is in Billy Bob's house anyhows. I'm think'n that by the time I leave Deming headed back to Texas, in a month or so, my water lines will be freez'n over night. Been there and done that too many times bout the end of Sept.

Why I remember one time way down in south Texas on a Sept 5th, we received out first blue norther. Temps dropped from mid 80's to lower 40's in less than 2 hours. Ya remember stuff like that when ya ain't got no coat to keep ya warm.

Speak'n of remember'n stuff, do ya remember when I fix that water leak on "that jeep" for the hunnerth time? Ok, now where the hell is the water I put in that little jug under the hood? It were slap empty an' I ain't went no where 'cept the two trips to town. Damn that "that jeep".

Ok, I got things to do.....sounds good don't it? Oh wait, I DO have something to do. Gotta go pick up my meds at Walmart....an' probly spend a hunnert dollar on "stuff" I don't need. I do that ya know. 


  1. Question, aren't two batteries for the engine and the other two for the coach? I am pretty sure that is the way mine are. If that is the case, you could get by with only replacing two of them. What you think?

  2. Second attempt to reply....
    Listen to me Dizzy, you have a diesel pusher that sits out in the yard hooked up to power. You don't need more than 2 house batteries. I have a gasoline engine, with 1 battery and I do boondock, so I need 4 house batteries. I could get by with two house batteries, but I would have to skimp on my needs. That why I got 4.

  3. Yall can decide on the battery issue,,,
    I even remember that blue norther! On the 5th. Kids had to go to the pool the last day, only ones there, like to froze. Bring it ON!!

  4. Battery problems sounds like trouble you don't need down the road! Any place you could store a couple of them and replace the broken one for now? Or store the old ones as an emergency replacement?

    I don't know much about your set-up, so I'm just guessing. All you need is an armchair quarterback, right? Sorry!