Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oh shoot....already???

Dad gum it, I ain't been watch'n what day it is. Did you know that today is Aug. 8th.???? Don't mean much to you, but it do to me 'cause it messes up my schedule. If I actually had one. What I don't.

Well, maybe I do have a schedule....what I don't usually have one. That's kind of like have'n a doctors appointment ain't it. So here's the deal.
1.) I got to be in Deming, NM before the end of the month....registration on "that jeep" ya know and since I'm slap almost out of meds, I rekon a visit with the doctor is in order at the same time.
2.). Visit with the old "pesky neighbor" Wayne for bout a month (till end of Sept.) Swak a few golf balls and sit on "da porch" sip'n a cup an' BS'n.
3.) Head back to Texas Hill Country and beyond for bout a month or so. Look at some property, catch up some fish....wash "bubba boat" in some lake.
4.) Make camp in Sinton, Texas long bout Nov. for a rest and recreation stop at "el Rancho Abraham goat farm and RV park" or there abouts. Maybe a RV park in Rockport with OFM Barney.
5.) Long bout early or late Dec. make camp at the bass fish'n capitol of Texas, Falcon Lake, for the duration of winter.
How's that sound for a schedule.....not a promise???

Schedules are kind like promises, they can be broken at any given moment in time.....or something like that. Do I condone broken promises? Well hell no. That why I don't make none no more. Not intentionally anyhows.

That remind me the time....I were get'n "soused" at one them shrimper bars in Aransas Pass, Texas....hav'n me a good ol' time. Back bout 1969 I rekon. I promise that big ol' barmaid, all of 6 foots tall and a whopp'n 250# all muscle woman, I'm gonna come back saturday afternoon an' take her for a romp'n stomp'n good time at the annual Aransas Pass Shrimporee Shrimp Festival, eat'n up shrimps, drink' beer an' danc'n up a storm.  Come Sunday morn'n I were sit'n on "da porch" sip'n a cup in Port Aransas, an' up drive my bestest buddy. He says to me....."there a big ol' blond amazon woman in town look'n for ya...say she gonna kick your scrawny ass". Was I skeered? You bet your pay check I were. Hide out for a week inside the house, not show'n my face in public no wheres. That were when I vowed to never make another promise.

Made some more minor adjustments to "billy bike". The adjustments we been mak'n are only "poke an' hope" adjustments until I meet up with Barney down the road a piece. He gonna make that "billy bike" fit Billy Bob like a glove I betcha. What we did was to raise the seat bout 4 inch so's my knees don't hit me in the chest no more and raise the handlebars bout 2 inch so's I don't have to bend over to steer. Still wait'n on a suggestion for a new lower speed crank gear. Where all the bicycle geniuses?

When I were a young just turn teenage bout 14 year old or therebouts, we use to build drag racer bicycles. All the frames were the same size, 26 inches (20 inch frames weren't invented yet what we knowed bout), so modifications were made to what ever we had or what we stoled from the neighbor kid down the street. We didn't have no welders an' stuff like that back then, so everthing we did was "******" rigged. God awful look'n fabrication and modifications, that what they were. Big wheels on the back, little skinny wheels on the front. I knowed all bout gears an' stuff back then. Had boxes of them all different sizes....spare chains an' all kind of parts. Anyhows, every weekend, we would drag race these things.....bout 10 of us kids. Boy howdy, them sure was some good times.   


  1. Read this http://sheldonbrown.com/opc.html
    if you have a one piece crank on Billy Bike. Where to get the part I do not know. Your seat should be high enough that your knee should be slightly bent when your foot is at the bottom of the stroke.

  2. That sounds pretty technical to me, Barney, but then I'm not a biker.

    BB - you set yourself a pretty good schedule, but it sounds like a lot of moving around. I can't believe you, Billy Bob, hid out for a week from a little old woman!

  3. Dang, I better check my vehicles' registration and inspection. I think something is due this month.

  4. Well I don't know, Billy Bob. Speaking as a Bob, I'm a little disappointed. You shoulda faced up to that big ole gal and apologized instead of hiding out like that. Or told her she heard wrong.
    She mighta slapped ya, but only once. And it might have been worth it.
    I think the expression that comes to mind is, "Man up!", 'cause that's what ya shoulda done. tsk.