Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh Oh Billy Bob

Oh shit.....I ain't go'n nowheres for a bit. Ya see, when I attempted to put the slid out in, it didn't go all the ways in. Hang'n up on somthing on the bottom. Investigation is underway.

Ok, there it are, that piece of trim what holds the gasket sweep thingy under the slide out is stick'n up bout a quarter inches. That what it is I betcha a whole dollar. "Now how ya gonna fix that Billy Bob". Well, I'm think'n I don't want to remove the slide out to fix it, so other means will be applied. What means to do this is still unknown at this time.....what is 11:30am. Oh Oh, here comes Robert with a crow bar and a screw gun. I better supervise.....what ya think? Damn son, be careful what ya do'n. You gonna break something.

Anyhows, I waked up way late this morn'n...didn't feel worth a poop. One eye open and stagger'n round like I were on a drunk or something like that. By the time I got my first mug of coffee down I were feel'n much better....walk'n the line ya know.

So here's the plan. Head 'em up west on I-20 to Alabama where I can stop at the first rest area and empty the black water tank. Go another 200 mile to that rest area 40 mile from Mississippi (love to spell Mississippi) a little south east of Birmingham. The second rest area if'n you're following me on a map. "No, it's the third rest area Billy Bob...the third". Spend the night there. Next night bout 220 mile down the road just past Vicksburg, Mississippi (there's that word again). The on to Shreveport, La.....spend the night just across the border in Texas. Everbody like to spell Texas. Yes....home sweet Texas.

Ok....slide out is almost fix. Gonna get out of here in just a bit and still be on schedule.

See ya down the road a piece.

4:15 down the road a piece...
Well shoot, I have some issues to deal with. The first one was when I crossed into Alabama, the dump station was shut down. Now I gonna be haul'n bout 35 gallons of poop all the ways to Deming. Oh wait, there's two more rest areas in Alabama (like to spell Alabama too). Just finished unload'n a pile of poop in the dump station at the second rest area 45 mile from my destination....the last chance rest area in Alabama. We good to go.

Second issue is these brand spank'n new tires. They look the same as did the Michelin tires, but I'm think'n they ride better. But.....they don't track straight like the Michelins did. I done been off'n the road an' over there in the "go a hunnert mile a hour" lane more than onest.

I swear, there ain't nuttin to see in this country. Ain't nuttin but trees everwheres ya look. Cain't see no rivers, no big ol' mountains....ya cain't see nuttin. I like to see stuff ya know.

Ok, gonna sit here for a while since I'm almost there....rest a bit ya know. Take Sadie Mae for a little walk round the place. So's she can poop or whatever she want to do.

Well here I am. Done took me a nap, walk the damn dog, eat up some bbq ribs and tater salad for supper, got the a/c go'n full bore....yeah, the old Billy Bob is in hog heaven, that for sure. But I did go to sleep back up the road a piece. Had to shake my head like a old rag doll to stay awake. Betcha a buck I go to bed early tonight.  


  1. I came across I-20 last summer. I stopped at the Mississippi (there's that word again) at a really nice RV park but the cost was low since they were connected to a gambling river boat and had shuttle service back and forth. I didn't take advantage of the gambling, just the low price of stying over night. It was a nice place.

  2. Safe travels! I like spelling Mississippi too. What's up with that?? haha
    It is great that the rest areas in that part of the country have dumps. Wish they had them here....

  3. Well seeing as you on I-20, don't you go stopping in Bossier City or Shreveport for no "boat rides". They can empty your wallet in a flash !