Monday, August 27, 2012

"da porch" awaits

Ain't nuttin  more to do than drink up another cup of coffee and crank this rig up for the final leg of my journey.

If you're ask'n why I didn't go on to Deming yesterday, well, Billy Bob had a plan. Ya see, I need some propane an' the propane sell'n place is closed on Sunday. What a better day than Monday to fill a propane tank. Right on the way to where old "pesky neighbor" Wayne awaits my arrival. Also right along the way in the local Walmart store where I plan to make a short visit.

I had a rough time not get'n up this morn'n at 5am, and then again at 6am. I were figger'n on sleep'n till bout 8am, but you know how anticipation can control your life. I been up almost two hour. Read all the blogs. Took Sadie Mae out for a brief stroll around the park. Brushed all the tangles out my beautiful blond flow'n hair. I'm ready to roll.

Yesterday night I read a rather sad blog post bout a miss'n dog what been miss'n for quite some time. By this morn'n, that dog has been located. See how amazing internet connections are. Folks, we are talk'n one freak'n day to search, via internet, the entire US for a missing dog and find it safe and sound. All through a blog post. To read these thrilling events, click on RV Sue's blog over there on the right. Go back 1 day to read the beginning of this saga.

Ok, not much to talk bout this morn'n other than it's a beautiful morn'n in New Mexico.
Arrival time 10:30am or there bouts.....
Hot damn Billy Bob, you are in Deming. Pull into the propane sell'n place and filled the propane tank with 25.8 gallons. That should last me most of winter in Falcon Heights, Texas. Renigged on go'n to Walmart.  I still got to check stores in "da house" and make a complete grocery list.

Found out the mail lady has been returning my mail to sender and not putting it in my mail box. Now I have to deal with the post office along with spending half a day at the department of motor vehicles explaining why I have not received my registration and tags by mail. This mail lady is the same one what would leave nasty messages in my box that she could not deliver my mail because the address did not contain NW on it. Here she is, look'n at my mail in her hand, parked right in front of my mail box and she says she can't find me. I call that a "government contract worker power play".

Anyhows, got "Sally da house backed in right next to "da porch", electric hook up and a/c go'n full bore. I was amazed when I first set my eyes on "da porch" after not see'n it for bout a year. Somebody had removed all the junk and trash and sweeped it sparkl'n clean. The weeds in the yard have been kept to a decent level. Cactus garden still look'n good. What a welcome sight.

4:30's pm there bouts...

I were gonna take a nap, but instead decided I would run downtown and try to straighten out some stuff. Went to the post office first thing. The nice supervisor lady tole me I had no mail on hold and that it had all been sent back to senders.  Then I askes her who made the determination to return my mail. She tole me it were that contract mail person nobody likes. Further investigation.....someone told the mail lady I didn't live here no more. Even though this is still my legal NM residence.It were either that gut over there that says I were gonna shoot him, or it were that lady over there that don't like my "tell it like it is".  I'll tell ya more bout all this later as the saga unfolds.

Then I went on down to the motor registration place to attempt to get my registration what I already pair for, what was mailed to me and what returned by the mail lady. If'n ya read that real slow, it makes sense. Trust me. Anyhows, it were 2:15 when I arrived at the NM MVD. They tole me I had to come back another day 'cause they was soooo soooo busy. I take a quick look in the wait'n room....5 people and 3 officials work'n the counters. Musta been real close to break time what ya think. More government hooplaa if'n you was to ask me.

Made a Walmart run. Got everthing what I had on my list except for some pre cooked frozen biscuits. I ain't fir'n up no 400 degrees oven just for one stink'n can of biscuits. Yeah I could freeze some of 'em, but I ain't gonna. To hell with a bunch of biscuits....an' the horse they rode in on. 


  1. You have a good plan there, B.B. I bet Wayne will be glad to see you. Take pictures of him and da porch.

  2. I was just amazed about finding Timber. What a great story!

    1. You bet...amazing indeed. But I have to question how this man happened to pick up Timber in the first place. I have had many dogs and they know where they live and return after a stroll around the park. I know from pics of Timber that he had a collar. A good indication that he belonged to someone.

      Same thing happened to Beaudreaux back in 2003. Beaudreaux had collar, tags and a bandanna. The guy that "stole" him claimed he thought he was an abandoned stray. Hog wash!!!

  3. Friends Billy Bob they even take care of us when we not around.

  4. Most mail carriers are ok. Maybe you remind your carrier of her ex husband! (Not your fault, but it could trigger something in her memory bank.)

    1. When you say ex husband, that rings a bell. From all the stories I hear bout her, it's a great possibility she has one.

  5. Glad you made it safe and sound. Give my regards to old blue eyes :)

  6. Hope you get that mail carrier all straightened out real soon! Maybe you could sic ol' Sadie on her?

    Glad that someone cleaned off the porch for ya! One less thing to worry about.

    Welcome back!