Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cajun Country...in the mak'ns

Nephew Joseph says....."WHAT??? You're go'n to Louisiana just to listen to music an' eat cajun food"?

Well, no, not exactly. But yes to both them questions. Everbody what parks within a block of "da house"  know's the old Billy Bob is got cajun music on this hard drive. I remember one time I was on the ferry at Galveston, Texas. I had cajun tunes what was play'n on the CD player....what I had put on a CD. Half ways across Galveston Bay, there was a crowd of people what had congregated around "Alice" stomp'n their feet an' slap'n knees to the beat of cajun music. Nobody was complain'n "turn that shit down".
But anyhows, there ain't nuttin like be'n right there amungst a hunnert or so people listen'n to "live" cajun music. What better place to do that than Louisiana? As far as cajun food goes, I can make my own no matter where I'm at. I know how ya know. Well.....some of it anyhows.....like awethentic cajun gumbo. But there ain't nuttin like sit'n in a little Cajun eat'em up be'n served by a good look'n "hoochi coochi mama" cajun waitress.

And then there's the culture. Little house shacks build along the bayous. Homemade wooden skiffs park in the front yard half full of bayou water. Clothes dry'n out on the line. Kids run'n round half neekid. A alligator chained up to a tree. That's Louisiana folks.....country.

Holy crap....I could live in that there shack. Sit out there on "da porch" sip'n up a cup an' catch'n me some big ol' catfish right there in the front yard.

I always have a place in my heart for Cajuns.  'cause they are country an' know how to live country. Ain't no need to say no more bout that. A unique people what will one day become extinct. Due to government regulations on housing, fish'n an' sanitation issues (outhouse). Just had to throw that in there ya know. 

So how does the old Billy Bob feel today? "OLD" for one thing. My damn back is kill'n me. I'm freak'n depressed with all this weather stufff. Yup, it's nasty outside, wind blow'n, look like it gonna rain....ain't the first sign of sunshine.

Caught that "damn goat" eat'n my stuff yesterday. He done eat the seat off'n my chair and chew up a handlebar grip on the "billy bike". 

 Damn goat......

A rare moment....Billy Bob is hold'n a baby. Last one I held, I drop on the floor. Sheesh!!!!....I'm just kidd'n, don't believe that shit. 


  1. Hell yes, BB, I could live there. It has everything we need; a porch, a boat, a fish'n hole, and hopefully a bed inside for Sadie May.

  2. butterbean carpenterMay 9, 2013 at 4:31 PM

    Howdy #1BB,
    I like the looks of the bayou hut, I garontee.. The thought about the Cajun eatin' place with th' cute little swamp bunny waitress gives me th' Wllies, AIIEEEEE!!! Fo' sho'!!!! You don't need to go alllll th' way to Luzianna to sit on the' po'ch 'en cotch dem catsfish; NO, jus' take youse'f down to th' Caddo Lake aroun' Karnack, hunt up th' Vandeeventers's place, sit in ol' Wayne's bedroom an' FISH OUT THE WINDER!!! They ain't Cajuns but might as well be; they live lik'em!!!! They place is in Texas, but th' winder faces Luzianna !!!
    Sho' hope you don't back-out on this trip!!!

  3. I'd figure out a way to have goat gumbo. Or,,,cook like those mud bugs,,hahahaha.

  4. Gotta love the lifestyle in the Bayous, simple and relaxin.
    Go for it!

  5. You look great holding that baby! A real natural.

  6. Boy that grand-nephew sure has gotten big!

    Like that picture of a young whipper-snapper Billy Bob in the background :)